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A Thinking mom 4

To be a mother or parent is hard work am I right. To give birth to a child so little. All you want to do is love them and protect them and all the tiny baby knows is my mommy loves me and cares for me and she will do anything for me. Then comes the terrible two's and maybe three's. Lol . your little one turns into this little person, you don't even know. not listening and trying to talk back this is just the start right. Just a little sample of how puberty and young adulthood is going to be. Yes, kids go through stages of being disobedient and not wanting you to be their friend anymore or wanting to share everything with you. When your child hits puberty you can handle it. But when your child hits 18 -25 it gets a little rocky because your child is old enough to know right from wrong. But at the same time, they feel like the decision they make is good decisions for there life and you have no idea whats good for there life. Even though you

Calling all parents, guardians,grandparents, aunts & uncles

Hi everyone I am officially inviting you all to my Christmas challenge. This Christmas challenge is starting on December 1st 2017 and ending on December 24 2017. This challenge is all about doing a all recycled material Christmas ornament or decoration with your child, grandchild, niece or nephew.  to enter into this challenge all you have to do its make your ornament or decoration and take a picture of it and send it to me as Christmas challenge to  my email or Tag me on my instagram. The closing time for entry's is on Christmas Eve. the winner will be announced on Christmas day and will receive a free prize. Email: Instagram: @grantshaneya ~Now that's life. TheFLandF ~

Thanksgiving is here and christmas is near.

Well everyone if your not already running around with your heads cut off like chickens or should I say turkey's. Thanksgiving is here and christmas is near oh what a cheer. We all love the holidays and how it brings are families together when they have been apart for such a long time or just lost contact. We love the hustle and bustle and the smell of pumpkin spice and christmas pine in the air. The ice cold breeze of the snow on its way depending on the area you live in or the snow is already there in your drive way. Time for coco I say and snuggle into a warm blanket. Earlier I said we are all running around like chickens with there heads cut off more like turkeys because with the start of thanksgiving or should I say the end of Halloween some people already started preparing for thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings from finding the right spices and the right size turkey to be able to feed your family. To finding that perfect pumpkin to make your homemade pumpki

A thinking mom 3

So as you all know I am mother of a grade schooler and now a mother of a new born baby and both are boys.what a joy. But know one ever talks about being a mother of multiple kids and how to balance out life. So what I want to say about being a new mother of two is. It's challenging but fun I say a new mother because being a mother of one is a total different mother from a mother of two. When your a mother of one. yes your still multi-tasking and moving fast but when your a mother of a 7 year old and a new born your multi-tasking is a whole different level. My day consents of feeding cleaning feeding then making sure my older boy is being responsible of getting his chores and homework done. We don't even want to talk about the leaving the house routine. Another thing know one ever wants to talks about either. Its so much preparation involved and if your going out without your spouse or your a single mother the making sure everyone is in the car and you have everything packed

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Are you superstitious ?

Friday the 13th is just right around the corner. I asked this question are you superstitious because I know a lot of people who are. I myself am not to superstitious  I do feel like if you want something good to happen to you. You shouldn't tell everybody because I feel you will jinx it. But im not sure you can say that superstitious or not. Now the black cat superstition on the other hand I don't believe in that either because my spouses family has a black cat. lol but black cats do scare the heck out of me. Or when I was little people use to tell me don't open your umbrella inside but why not as a kid that's so fun. I didn't try it when I was little because my mom is a little superstitious. but as I got older I tried it and nothing happen. Lol if you look at my side  column you can see I put some books on superstition you can buy if you are either into superstition or interested in why superstition are brought about or you have a friend that's into. Al

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Maternity leave or unemployment

They call it maternity leave but it should be called unemployment. They say there's paid and unpaid leave but really there both unpaid. then your obligated to return to work 12 or 6 weeks after baby is born. But what type of law is this. With the paid leave your using your vacation and your sick days to get paid while on time off. Well here's the thing pregnancy is planned but not planned at the same time. Lets say you have two weeks of vacation and that's in the beginning of the year so you plan vacation time like any other person would do right. Then later on in the year oh no you get sick and you have to use some sick days. So now lets say you have one week of vacation still and 19 weeks of sick days you don't think any thing of it life goes on you feel drained from work want to take another vacation why not. A couple of months later you find out you are a gonna be a mom how exciting. Now mind you are not thinking​ to your self about your vacation

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The life of a wife

Many people view the wife as a women on a pedestal. But is that true or false or maybe is it equally true and false. But to be a wife is to have a full time job just like being a mom. In the old days people would get married first then have kids. Huh? makes you think a little right, but im saying this not to knock tradition but to say when people would get marry before kids it was obviously because it was for practice before the kids To have a husband is just like having a kid you have to look after him, protect him from making bad decision, cook ,clean, clothes them, make sure they have everything before they leave, remind them, pack there lunch,clean there clothes.basically everything you do for your child except hand feed So everybody thinks being a wife is glitte r and gold just like becoming a mom but they both have there ups and downs . You have your good days and you have your bad have a husband is have someone to ta

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Bully or not

B ully or not Scenario I have a friend Stacy that has a son 6 or 7 years old. He is in the first grade he has a classmate in his class and my friend Stacy grew up with his mom Becky, so they are like mutual friends already but my friend Stacy son and her friend Becky son don't really understand that because the two moms don't hang out all the time. they use to hung out when they were younger with mutual friends, but they are cordial to each other they don't hate each other or anything just friends. So here is why the title is bully or not. My friend Stacy is talking to me telling me how school is going with her son she says its fine but her son says her mutual friend Becky son shoved him, and she asked him well why did he do that were you guys playing a shoving game like cops and robbers or super hero game or tag you know boy stuff. Her son says no we were just playing then he shoved me I told him I don't like shoving games and went to play somewhere

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My blog (readers insight)

Hi I am here to talk about my blog and ask for my readers in put. So I just wanted to start off saying once again that I am a new blogger / independent consultant with Usborne books and more. I started this blog to help me promote my business as an independent consultant but as I got more into getting information on to my blog and designing and creating the more I gravitated to just blogging. As you all know my blog is called the family life and fun I choose that name because I said to myself, if im going to start a blog I don't want it to be just all about books. I wanted to make my blog interesting and intriguing so that my readers would want more and with that said. I wanted to talk about anything that has to do with the family life style and have fun doing it and every now and then I will talk an about usborne books. This is where I need my readers insight.would you guys like me to talk about usborne books all the time or do you want me to talk about it like 40 % of the time

A Thinking Mom# 2

A Thinking moms.....thoughts First day of school is here yay I have been waiting on this day for 2 whole long months. Cant wait tell morning. The day is here yay wake up kids its morning.brush your teeth wash your face get dressed and come eat breakfast. Check list. Wake kids up check. get them clean check. get them fed check. Time to head out guys. The time has finally arrive to get you to school. Walk kids to the line and say your goodbye's love you see you when schools out ill be picking you up from school have start walking away and look back you are so far away you can not see them anymore. Reality...... Wait..... What am I suppose to do kids for 8hrs well this is going to be fun.get in car this is the quietest drive home ever. Cant wait tell they get out lol.a true mothers

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All ways stay positive and continue to look for opportunity's even if they don't come looking for you.

Labor day labor day

Labor day is near and I no everyone is excited for all the nice sales but why not stop by and get a book or two.or actually if you want to get them for free.... (how can I top sale days).lol well here it is if you come host a facebook party with me you can earn free books and you don't have to do alot of work all you need to do is invite all your book loving close friends and I will send you a link and then all you have to do is be encouraging and with your friends purchases you will get free books.and I'll do all the show boating and selling. Contact me now and in joy the free.

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A thinking mom

As a mom my mind is always on the go can I make bedtime smoother, how can I trick my family into eating their vegetables,how can I make sure to get out of the house on you know the usual parent brain or mom brain you can say. But with Usborne Books and more that was a no brainer these books are affordable  and educational my son loves them there interactive and fun at the same time. Know matter how many times we go to the library and my son picks a book they never keep him intrested like Usborne books a mother I definitely recommend these books.

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How old is your reader

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Hello everyone my name is Shaneya welcome to my blog The Family life and fun.i am an independent consultant with Usborne Books And More I will be doing live book reviews from an adults & child perspective with my 6 year old son & also doing live book shows if any one wants to host one live.also on my blog and vlogs we will be doing lots of fun things geared toward family life of all aspects so stay tuned and stop by to see what's new.