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Labor day labor day

Labor day is near and I no everyone is excited for all the nice sales but why not stop by and get a book or two.or actually if you want to get them for free.... (how can I top sale days).lol well here it is if you come host a facebook party with me you can earn free books and you don't have to do alot of work all you need to do is invite all your book loving close friends and I will send you a link and then all you have to do is be encouraging and with your friends purchases you will get free books.and I'll do all the show boating and selling. Contact me now and in joy the free.

Quote of the week

September offers

A thinking mom

As a mom my mind is always on the go can I make bedtime smoother, how can I trick my family into eating their vegetables,how can I make sure to get out of the house on you know the usual parent brain or mom brain you can say. But with Usborne Books and more that was a no brainer these books are affordable  and educational my son loves them there interactive and fun at the same time. Know matter how many times we go to the library and my son picks a book they never keep him intrested like Usborne books a mother I definitely recommend these books.

Come join my facebook group

My facebook group is called parents of book worms meaning parents of children that love to read this group you can talk with other parents make book suggestions and also by books from me and do facebook book parties. its going to be lots of fun.


Quote of the week

Lets keep are school year full of books. Facebook parties you can earn free books. Or come check out the great books and categories i have on my site. Http://

How old is your reader

Welcome i am so excited to share these fantastic books with you! Me and my family love them and we know you will love them to! Let me know the ages and intrest of the childeren in your life and i will personally help you find the perfect book. Http://


Hello everyone my name is Shaneya welcome to my blog The Family life and fun.i am an independent consultant with Usborne Books And More I will be doing live book reviews from an adults & child perspective with my 6 year old son & also doing live book shows if any one wants to host one live.also on my blog and vlogs we will be doing lots of fun things geared toward family life of all aspects so stay tuned and stop by to see what's new.