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Bully or not

Bully or not


I have a friend Stacy that has a son 6 or 7 years old. He is in the first grade he has a classmate in his class and my friend Stacy grew up with his mom Becky, so they are like mutual friends already but my friend Stacy son and her friend Becky son don't really understand that because the two moms don't hang out all the time. they use to hung out when they were younger with mutual friends, but they are cordial to each other they don't hate each other or anything just friends.

So here is why the title is bully or not.

My friend Stacy is talking to me telling me how school is going with her son she says its fine but her son says her mutual friend Becky son shoved him, and she asked him well why did he do that were you guys playing a shoving game like cops and robbers or super hero game or tag you know boy stuff. Her son says no we were just playing then he shoved me I told him I don't like shoving games and went to play somewhere else. My friend Stacy told me when her son and Becky"s son were in kindergarten Becky son tried that shoving game and her son stop playing with him they weren't in the same class then. This time they are. Now when my friend Stacy tells me her friend Becky
son is shoving I asked her are you going  talk to the mom she says no. Because it seems like the boy plays a little rough maybe because he has a older bother or older cousins she just tells her son to be mindful and to be verbal of saying you don't like hurtful games and if you cant play nicely play somewhere else. I told her that sounds good because her son has to learn how to stick up for his self by using his words and learning to walk away.

So, some weeks past and I called up my friend Stacy and asked her how things were going she said its going good the boys haven't had any encounters in a couple of days things are going smooth and then the next day she tells me her son was playing with her friend Becky son and they were playing basketball with a group of kids and her friend Becky son was grabbing on my friend Stacy son shirt and pushed another kid down she said her son said he was doing good for two days then got bad. She asked her son do you think he thinks that's how you play basketball because sometimes in basketball they do shove a little but if you do the other team gets point. What did you guys do when he was playing rough her son said they told the recess teacher.

When my friend Stacy told me that i told her it seems like your friend Becky son gets a little to over excited I asked her do you think he's being a bully. She said no it just seems like he has his good days and bad days. I just keep telling my son to be mindful.

So then my friend calls me and tells me shes been talking to her sister about the situation because her sister is friends with her friend Becky's brother. She told her sister don't tell the bother because she doesn't want to make a big deal out of it. She just thinks her friend Becky son gets over excited and she sure it will blow over. Well my friend Stacy sister ends up telling her friend Becky's  bother and he said that his nephew has been bullied before and now he thinks he can do it and ends up hanging up from the call with my friend Stacy sister and ends up calling there mom to talk to my friend Stacy never brought up these encounters with her friend Becky she felt like it was not serious her son never came home crying or bruised or doesn't want to go back to school with this boy. He is still friends with him just not best friends. So I asked my friend Stacy so how do you feel about that. she says she frustrated because some parents take offense to accusing there kid of bulling and she doesn't talk to her friend Becky so now she worried her son is gonna get a hard time now when he wasn't having a hard time with the friends son just minor mishaps that he can keep under control. And making it awkward for her to because by her sister telling her friend Becky bother makes it seem like gossip.

I told my friend stacy that it wasn't her sisters place to tell Becky's brother because its not her son and she doesn't know the full facts and it would of been better for my friend Stacy to talk to her mutual friend Becky and tell her the situation then other people coming to her out of the blue with bully accusations.

My opinion is my friend Stacy sister should not have told her friend Becky brother. Stacy sister should have respect her wishes of talking about the situation unless it was a real situation. I feel this is not a bulling situation I feel like its a situation of Communication between the two boys because they both have to learn communication and what one friend likes and doesn't like.

So I want to know do you guys think this is a bulling problem or a kid just getting to over excited or is there a problem at all.

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