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The life of a wife

Many people view the wife as a women on a pedestal. But is that true or false or maybe is it equally true and false.

But to be a wife is to have a full time job just like being a mom. In the old days people would get married first then have kids. Huh? makes you think a little right, but im saying this not to knock tradition but to say when people would get marry before kids it was obviously because it was for practice before the kids
To have a husband is just like having a kid you have to look after him, protect him from making bad decision, cook,clean, clothes them, make sure they have everything before they leave, remind them, pack there lunch,clean there clothes.basically everything you do for your child except hand feed

So everybody thinks being a wife is glitter and gold just like becoming a mom but they both have there ups and downs. You have your good days and you have your bad have a husband is have someone to talk to,someone to share your day with and be your best friend, And a person to come home to every night.

But then again you will bump heads with these person as well. Not every couple agrees on everything or does everything the same.married couples usually bump heads on how to clean, parent,dressing for special occasions, finances, and sometimes its just the husband not paying

Now I don't want you guys thinking im husband bashing.I have a soon to be husband we have been together close to 9 years and I love him to death but something's he does things and im just like, to be your wife I have to love We don't bump heads a lot but when we do its on the littlest of things like taking out the garbage sometimes he thinks he's doing a good job by just taking out the garbage but he will forget to check the fridge, or maybe even the half of pastries that no body feels like eating any more.or he will let the garbage fill up and keep forgetting to take it out even with constant see little things. I would take out the garbage my self but im with child.

All im saying is the life of a wife is always unpredictable and to be not judge or misunderstood but to be patient and always filled with love and laughter.

Be looking out for more life of a wife post more to come soon.

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~Now that's life. TheFLandF ~


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