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Quote of the week

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Late qoute of the week

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Quote of the week

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Are you superstitious ?

Friday the 13th is just right around the corner. I asked this question are you superstitious because I know a lot of people who are. I myself am not to superstitious  I do feel like if you want something good to happen to you. You shouldn't tell everybody because I feel you will jinx it. But im not sure you can say that superstitious or not. Now the black cat superstition on the other hand I don't believe in that either because my spouses family has a black cat. lol but black cats do scare the heck out of me. Or when I was little people use to tell me don't open your umbrella inside but why not as a kid that's so fun. I didn't try it when I was little because my mom is a little superstitious. but as I got older I tried it and nothing happen. Lol if you look at my side  column you can see I put some books on superstition you can buy if you are either into superstition or interested in why superstition are brought about or you have a friend that's into. Al

Quote of the week

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