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A Thinking mom 4

To be a mother or parent is hard work am I right.

To give birth to a child so little. All you want to do is love them and protect them and all the tiny baby knows is my mommy loves me and cares for me and she will do anything for me.

Then comes the terrible two's and maybe three's. Lol. your little one
into this little person, you don't even know. not listening and trying to talk back this is just the start right. Just a little sample of how puberty and young adulthood is going to be.
Yes, kids go through stages of being disobedient and not wanting you to be their friend anymore or wanting to share everything with you.
When your child hits puberty you can handle it. But when your child hits 18 -25 it gets a little rocky because your child is old enough to know right from wrong. But at the same time, they feel like the decision they make is good decisions for there life and you have no idea whats good for there life. Even though you helped them be the person they are today. They didn't just come into the world knowing what interest they like. You as a parent-guided them and supported them in those interest but once they hit 18-25. You allow them to explore and try new things and sometimes those new things lead them into bad decision making like getting into drugs and drinking and hanging out with the bad crowd. Then your child turns into a different person and doesn't want nothing to do with you and says you never were there for them and that's why they're hanging out with the wrong crowd and doing drugs or drinking. What do you do? do you just allow your tiny baby you gave birth to just hit rock bottom or do you help them even though they are distancing their self and being hurtful towards you?
The question is what leads are babies to this destruction of over drinking and doing drugs or being involved in illegal jobs. to the point they turn there backs on there parents and family and why do they feel like they're all alone when they never are.
But from a thinking mom, I feel nowadays kids want to grow up so fast. Like the preteen want to be teens and the teens want to be young adults what is the rush to be an adult all there is in adulthood is bills, responsibility, and hard decision making.
Know body wants their kids to make a bad decision and get in trouble with the law or get killed or kill there self. How do we get through to our babies when every TV show and music video makes bad decisions seem so fun. Even if our babies are being so difficult and its hard to watch we can never give up or turn our backs on our babies.

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