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Mystery Potion Hallowen Drink recipe

This post contains affiliate links. if items purchased I will be compensated for it.
If you are looking for a fun activity to do with your kids this Halloween or you need a new drink recipe for your Halloween party this is the recipe for you.
Its quick and easy and most of the things used in this recipe is from dollar tree so its cheap too. So let's get started things you need for this recipe.
Dollar Tree
Glass Vase
Plastic eyeballs 12pack

Plastic rats 4pack
Sour apple Zombie finger lollipop 4pack Grocery store your choice.
4 limes.
Sour patch kids candy Cranberry juice 16oz Seltzer water 2 liter
Time 20mins First, you will need to clean all plastic pieces before placing them in your drink. Along with the limes and
Glass vase or pitcher I used a glass vase to make a better impression.

1. Cut limes in half and squeeze them in a vase all except one cut the last one into fours if your limes are really juicy and give a lot of juice you can cut two limes into…

No! I'm protected by Brandi Collier Book review

~this is a non-paid review~

No! I'm just protected is written by Brandi collier
Was published March 13, 2018

No! I'm just protected is a book about faith, humbleness, struggles, and strength but with family and believing you can get through the darkest hours. With a hint of mystery, dishonesty revenge and defeat.

If you're looking for a good book that is faith-based but still a family mystery book. This is the book for you.
In this book, a well-known paster name Herbert Patterson was a good man of faith growing his empire, faith, and family when suddenly he falls ill to his death leaving his wife and family to pick up where he left off with his church and many business ventures.
Like any other family, it's not perfect but no matter through the flaws of Herbert's family members he always protected and cherished his family, but there is always a couple people in the family that does a little too much. Like his sister Yvonne who never finished anything she started and looki…

Top 5 things a mom can't get done with a 10 month old.

Do you have a 10-month-old baby? Or have you had a 10-month-old you may be able to agree with me on how you can not get things done with a 10-month-old because at that age your little boy or girl is very independent but still at the same time a mommas boy or girl? They always want to know what your doing and where you're going so this list is my top 5 thing you can not get done with a 10-month-old.

5. Cleaning house.
When you finally see the house is getting a mess due to the little one playing and getting into everything you want to clean and there way of help is making is making it back a mess. If you didn't cook dinner, lunches or snacks ahead of time cooking can get a little bit hot and heated. If your little one loves to eat they will automatically through a tantrum for whatever is cooking or just because your up.
3.Getting dressedFor you getting dress and your little one getting dress turned in to a wrestling match. Why do 10-month-olds think its so funny to not get…

A rubber face with a stripper's name memoir by Katja Berg book review

AnnouncementBefore we get into this book review I would like to tell you all that I am asking all my followers to take some time out of your day to Please take my survey titled "Audience Satisfaction Survey".  Your feedback is very important to me Thank You for the support.   and also I am now on fiverr where I do paid product reviews.

~Book review~

Are you a single mother? Are you a mother that feels all alone? A rubber face with a stripper's name. Memoir by Katja Berg is a book for you. This book is
a memoir of a woman who is a parent. A single parent of two kids who struggled to stay afloat. She felt all alone and broken with no one to help her figure out her own thoughts. Yes, she had friends but they didn't really understand her struggles as a single mother. Katja would feel left out of dinner parties because she had no date. She would always let her pride and conscious get the best of her. Ka…

Working class

Who put this shame
In between my shoulder blades
Sliding down my spine
Embedded in my DNA
Was it my mother
Dental assistant
Four- day weeks
What did she sacrifice
For her children
Or was it my father
Strong Hands picked tobacco
Six days driving trucks
He never owned.
I am the first
To uproot from red dirt
To explore foreign lands
To swim in cold water
Still I cannot carry
This guilt that crumbles
Heavy in my hands
Crushes me tender
Year after year.

Working Class @_SarahHerrin

Garnier fructis 1 minute mask review

~This is a non-paid review~
Today we are going to be talking about what I like about the product, how it feels and the smell.
So let's get right into it this conditioner.  The SmellNumber one I love the smell of it. The smell is not too strong or sweet it has a soft undertone. I was able to get two free samples of Garnier Fructis 1 minute mask courtesy of
The samples I got was smoothing treat + avocado extract and nourishing treat +coconut extract. So when I washed my hair I used my regular shampoo that I always use then I put the conditioner on after my three lathers and on the back of the sample, it gives you directions of how you could use this conditioner. You can use it as a mask by applying it to damp hair after you wash it and let it sit in your hair for one minute then rinse it out. That's is what I did, or use it as a leave in conditioner or as a traditional conditioner. I feel either option you take adding this product to your hair your hair will l…


Writing in circles
Dreaming in cycles
Fire lights from within
Flames roll like waves

Through the haze
Shadows rise
Playing in my mind
passions of the night

Full moon yolk
New beginnings
Nightmares end
Snowfalls fresh hope.


School Supply shopping review.

School Supplies
Today we are going to be talking all about school supply list shopping. as a parent, how many of you like to go school supply shopping. Me myself it's not my favorite thing to do at the beginning of the school year process.
But it's something we have to do so in an earlier post I said I like to do my shopping early because I like to be prepared ahead of time and also things go fast when it gets a couple of weeks away from school starting. So this post is going to be a sort of review on the process of going school supply shopping and the stress of it and if you would like to see a video review/ haul on the supply we got for my son you will able to see that video this Monday.

The List It is a week since school has been out and you have been looking at the school supply list every now and then so you don't forget school will be coming soon I better start shopping. The list looks like it is a grocery list so long and cryptic. you say today's the day. its a…

A Mother's top 5 reality check list

A Mother's top 5 reality check.  A mother is always dreaming.
What is a mother's top 5 reality check list. well let me just say,  when you are a mother you are always wanting to make sure you can take care of all of your motherly duties as for getting laundry done, cooking, cleaning and all the other beautiful things a mom keeps up with, but some time you get that reality check when you want to start doing things on your own will if you can say. As a mother myself I have ran into all of these things quite frequently being a new mother of two and all Im still trying to figure out the in's and outs of things and trying to stay a float with not getting lost in being a mother but still being myself  but then I get that reality check that I cant be just myself any more as much as I want to. We are mothers as well so lets get in to this list.

Starting at Number 5 When dishes are in the sink.
Now mom's OK, so we all know who is in charge of doing the dishes.... We are if we …

sound of summer

With summer almost over for us moms, I thought this poem was perfect for us to remember the good of the summer instead of it coming to an end I hope you enjoy it.

Click whirr click
Delicious shifting gears
Summer hummm cicadas
In my lungs, in my ears
Wind says woosh
Into the sunset I go
@_sarahHerrinSound of summer

~Now thats life.TheFLandF~

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SummerTime Flies.....

August is here and school is near. With summer almost coming to an end it's bittersweet I love spending time with my oldest. I'm excited about what is to come of his new school year. I know everyone is starting to do their school shopping and all the kids are starting to get those first days of school jitters.
Right now my son is going to the second grade so he's knowing we still have a whole month of summer left and acting all nonchalant about being nervous for school, but he's starting to get a little clingy. that's how I know it's almost time to go back to school. He doesn't hate school, he just hates the process of going to bed on time and not being able to stay up late and watch all his shows. like a normal kid.
Back to school shopping which I am a mother of I better do it early than late, so I already did a little school shopping at the beginning of the summer I got half of his school supplies which is a lot of stuff for a second grader, but I know h…


Being a stay at home mom is the most wonderful thing ever. Being able to stay home with your kids and see every milestone and watch them grow is an amazing thing but being a working stay at home there sometimes can be some cons. But right now I want to talk about the pros because they're more important than the cons. The first thing a mother loves about being a stay at home mom is that you get to wake up with your kids every morning and see their beautiful face and be able to eat breakfast and either ease into your day or.get ready to head out for school together. The second thing is to be able to help them with there homework and cook lunches, and dinner for them. If they do any extra circular activities your able to attend and witness every moment with them. The third thing is you don't have to leave to go to a workplace where they don't appreciate or overwork you and keep you pass your clock out time.
You get to relax whenever you want in the comfort in your own home. …

No thank you

No thank you to "How you doin"  in the middle of my run up a hill on a hot day.
No thank you to donuts.
No thank you to watching movies every day.
No thank you to inappropriate sex jokes, coworker I just met.
No thank you to waiting for someone to be available so I can do something I want to do.
No thank you to "his money is your money."
No thank you to "I bet you can eat whatever you want" skinny shaming.
No Thank You @_sarahHerrin


With the prices of living going up every day the working men and women are struggling to keep afloat. A long time ago people could get one job and that one paycheck would be enough to pay bills and get some groceries but now everyone is looking for higher paying jobs or they have to work two-three jobs to just get by.  With this happening it's breaking up family and putting to much stress on family's as well. I know a lot of people right now who are constantly looking for a new job that pays more or another job to add on with the job they already have because their bills are adding up and the rent is going up as well and were not even adding in the groceries and gas money if you drive to work. Since the price of living is going up so is the sales tax and one thing I have noticed personally is doctor bills are changing as well usually when you get a doctor's bill everything is kind of grouped together but now I have noticed that the company ask for a payment along with the…

Nine months struggles

9-month-old struggles
Having a 9-month-old baby be safe is almost harder than having a toddler stay safe. I say it's harder only because a 9-month-old baby is still just a baby but is starting to get the senseof I can be independent, but the problem is at 9 months some babies still don't have a sense of what walking is all about so all there getting around is crawling and scaling furniture. All babies get their battle scare around this age and from here on out. My son is 9 months old and he is a crawling exploring machine whenever he is down and not in his playpen he is crawling and climbing well trying to climb everything just being an exploring. king, I'm usually fine with him out and crawling about but my fiancĂ© and my oldest are helicopter parent and son. I feel that when me and my youngest is hanging out and I'm letting him have some free play he's fine but when my fiancĂ© and my son are around there constantly on him watching making sure he doesn't hurt his s…

Hello fresh Meatloaf Balsamico review


I have always wanted to try hello fresh but never really looked into it or anything because my boys are picky eaters and it's already dinners pre-selected. But when I recently got my pinchme box with my free sample of Garnier whole blend shampoo I also got a free $50 gift card for my first box. I told my fiance to see what he would say usually when it's something already pre-selected where we can't really make changes to it he always says know but this time since it was free he said yes let's do it we can try it and if we don't like it don't order it anymore.
So with hello fresh you can select a meal plan from classic, family meal, or vegetarian we selected family of 4 and you get either 2 dinners a week or 3 I picked 2 because it was the Lowest number so it's all kind of different recipes. Recipes we don't usually do so I'm thinking oh know I hope we don't waste this food
I hate wasting food but here we go.
So afte…

The truth about becoming an entrepreneur

The truth about becoming an entrepreneur.

The truth is 
83.1% founded there own company. 
11.3% purchased 2.8% inherited, and 4.4% transfer of ownership or gift. 
Out 585 US billionaires, 62% are self-made.

I found these statics on fit small I wanted to find some statistics to help people understand about entrepreneurship.
Being an entrepreneur is hard work whatever career you choice from blogger, vlogger, chief, musician, designer. To be an entrepreneur it means you choice to take that big leap of faith that you are strong enough to make it on your own with your own resources and that you want the feeling of accomplishment from getting your first following or even getting the key's to your own stationary establishment. 
Everyone on Instagram or YouTube sometimes makes it look easy to be a vlogger/blogger or even a musician.
Me myself, I am entrepreneur of a blog at the time being but I also did my fair share of grinding in fashion design to. I want to tell future entrepreneu…

over come your blogging fears

With my 60 day challenge blog a day and video a day coming to a end I wanted to share with you my readers how the process was, how and why I started this challenge for myself that started may 21 -july,19.
So through out this post I will give you guys some of the tips I used and the research I did to get me to my challenge. So a little bit of background on my blog is that I started my blog for something else but end up seeing something more for my blog so I wanted to go all into my blog and make it serious so at first I started blogging once a day just little things like a quote a day or one of my own little series I call a thinking mom and a wife's thought were i post motherly thoughts or topics and wife problems. But as I posted a post a day i didn't see much traffic so I went up to two days. Every day i would research how to get more traffic and how to get paid for blogging so I became an affiliate marketer with some company now mind you I have started blogs in the past and t…



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Her name is Mercie By: Chirs Roy Book review

~This is a non- paid review~

First published in Great Britain in 2017

Independently published
Publication date May 26, 2018
Language English
Product Dimensions 5.2 x 0.4 x 8 inches
Shipping Weight 8.6 ounces
ISBN-10 1980638136
ISBN-13 978-1980638131
Best Sellers Rank 1672537

I am reviewing this book for free for Chris Roy for a honest review and that is exactly what I am here to do.

When I saw the book cover of Her name is Mercie it intrigued me and the title pulled me in. 
I love to read book that have to do with mystery, crime scene an a good twist. something that keeps me at the edge of my seat wanting to read more.

Her name is Mercie is a book that is 162 pages of the characteristic I just listed above it is a book of five short stories that each character has it's own twist, turns and realness you can't even a imagine. But one character takes the cake for me.
Right when you start reading the first chapter you are pulled in to a scene just like a movie a lovely older couple that has liv…