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A thinking mom # 6

Having kids are wonderful right I want to ask you guys a Question on how parents of boys and parents of girls feel in the rasing department. I am a mother of two boys now and I love it but mind you my boys are still young but my oldest is 7 and he  gives me a run for my money. Lol. But the things he does makes me feel like teenage years are not gonna be a breeze. But is any teenage life a breeze. Lol I say that to say this my mom always tries to tell me rasing boys and rasing girls are the same and she had two girls. I tell her I think not rasing boys are different because you have to raise the to be strong men and girls yes you have to raise them to be strong women but girls don't make a lot of bad decisions naturally. Lol I feel little boys are naturally bad decision makers only because boys act before thinking most of the time. Like my 7 year old he is the best.  Very very smart fun and cool as he puts it. Lol. But he will go to school and I will tell him every mo


Attention all readers I would like to take the time out. To let all my readers know how my process in blogging is going. I have been blogging know for over 6 months know I have dabbled in blogging before but never stuck with it.  I wanted to bring to your attention something's if you guys have not noticed but I have been putting up some banner and links on my sites from different business Because I have became and affiliate marketer to help myself and help my readers on some good deals and show what type of stuff I'm interested in and you might like as well. So every link or banner I post I am saying I am comfortable and like this company. And when you guys see and get interested in it helps me out in the long run to getting more followers. I want to say thank you to my readers that have been reading my post so far. Don't be shy follow me so I can personally say thank you and meet you. I just want to also let my readers know don't stop reading keep it up

New years cravings.

Have you ever had a craving for your favorite fatty food to indulge in especially when your trying to commit to your new years resolution of eating healthy or working out. I know I sometimes tell myself I need to cut back on the sweets and junk foods but its to enticing. Well I came across this book called the top secret chef couple of times. before but never realized what a good book it was with different twist on restaurant style foods but now I am going to take it serious since I just had my precious boy. The author is Todd Wilbur I've also seen him on the tv show Dr. Oz a couple of times. Well you remember when I said earlier you ever get your craving for your favorite fatty foods from your favorite restaurant or what have you. Well Todd has are answer he is giving us are recipes of are favorite food with the fat cut out. <a href=" ">Make your favorite famous fo

What is your stress reliever ?

What is your stress reliever? (recipes/food introduction) As a mother you need a stress reliever I'm not saying being a mother isn't the best thing ever but it does have it's UP's and downs. My stress reliever is cooking. I love to cook because its soothing and calming and the end result is you get to eat it. How fun is that stress reliever? So today we are all going to come together and talk about our favorite foods to get started with my set of recipes and food category of my blog today. So I have been telling you all that I am going to start putting together a recipe section of my blog and today I am just going to talk about how I feel about cooking and food in general. So lets get started. When I was younger, I used to watch all the women in my family, cook for the holidays and I would be so amazed. I love the interaction of getting all the ingredients and mixing and matching everything to make something delicious. I love to watch the food channel. And I l

The life of a wife #2

When a wife is a good wife per say she cooks and cleans and makes sure her husband is comfortable because 9 out of 10 times the husband is working longer hours and doing more strenuous jobs.or the husband is in the management position so you then have to be there for them mentally more then a physical support. My husband/fiance I love so much is a supervisor at his job but he has to get up for work at 3 in the morning so I give him extra love due to I know he's tired I don't stress him on doing most of the house work or car work as much. So since I am a home maker I make a home cook meal every night and the other night I had to cook before I had to work I cooked the meat before Work so I only had to cook the sides when I got home and warmed the meat because I get home around dinner time. So I cooked and made plates everyone's eating and all of a sudden my husband/fiance looks over to me and says its pretty good I like the other Technic you did with the

How Unprofessional

So I was talking with my friend jackie the other day and she has been at her job for about almost three years she loves most of her co-workers but some of the managers not to much. Well jackie lets me know her store manager at her job was getting switched to another branch and that she was gona get another store manger and that she's nervous because since her store manager is leaving shes only left with the mean or rude managers that dont no how to tone down with out her store manager. She has one male manger who is a real tool and jerk that gives everyone a hard time. Since hes been manger a lot of her co-workers quit or got fired because of him. Well jackie works in retail and shes has to put the tags on the clothes then roll them out on to the sales floor and put them in the right section. Jackie tells me she stays a couple hours well only a hour after everyone leaves in her section so the guy manger comes up to her and says hey since your doing the night shift you want

close call

Today was a close call. Why do I say that you ask. So im taking my oldest to school this morning on are regular route everything is going great me and my son is having are morning conversation on sports or what ever topic he wants to talk about. We are about maybe 4 or 5 blocks away from his school and we are on this tiny street that has street parking at the light waiting for it to turn green and as were sitting there talking a semi-truck pulls up on the right of us on the on going traffic and has his signal on to go left toward the way were coming from no big deal but kind of a big deal were not all the way to the cross walk so he should have enough room but at the same time I believe semi-trucks are not suppose to go down small streets like we were on for clearance purposes. Well with that said he still goes for the turn he turnes way to short and all most hits us from the driver side to the back side where my oldest is sitting we were so nervous. How scary is that when eve

Happy new year

 Happy new year everyone. I hope you all had a beautiful holiday. I sure did. I loved the time I spent with my family it was very needed. It snowed on Christmas eve tell Christmas day which was very cold and special since we have just moved into are forever home and I am a mother of two now. I haven't been able to spend a lot of time with my oldest that's 7 years old since his baby brother came. The snow came on Christmas eve which was so cool since it hasn't snowed on Christmas in so long. when my newborn was sleeping me and my oldest did a quick snow ball fight and built a snow man then came right in before are fingers got to frozen. Lol and baked some homemade peanut butter cookies for Santa. Before the new year and Christmas came I started a Christmas challenge but no one entered. I was doing it to get more involved with my followers and get more followers as well but that didn't work out to well. But for my new year resolution it is to get more involved in gettin