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close call

Today was a close call. Why do I say that you ask. So im taking my oldest to school this morning on are regular route everything is going great me and my son is having are morning conversation on sports or what ever topic he wants to talk about.

We are about maybe 4 or 5 blocks away from his school and we are on this tiny street that has street parking at the light waiting for it to turn green and as were sitting there talking a semi-truck pulls up on the right of us on the on going traffic and has his signal on to go left toward the way were coming from no big deal but kind of a big deal were not all the way to the cross walk so he should have enough room but at the same time I believe semi-trucks are not suppose to go down small streets like we were on for clearance purposes. Well with that said he still goes for the turn he turnes way to short and all most hits us from the driver side to the back side where my oldest is sitting we were so nervous.

How scary is that when ever I'm driving by a semi-truck i am always nervous because there so big and some are not good drivers I'm not judging them all but it goes to every driver if you see you can not fit through a spot don't try it. My real anger is that this is not my first time seeing a semi-truck in a area they cant fit in or there not suppose to be in the area due to clearance but they are still doing it. It's like are you that late or in a hurry you have to disobey semi-truck laws. This guy could totally see he could not fit. but still went for it he should of just went straight or just maybe stayed on the main road instead of going on the back roads because if we weren't there he could have made the turn but he would have been driving down the middle of both on going and coming traffic to fit since it was street parking and a narrow street.
So ya we had a close call this morning and I am not to happy about it I am a real momma bear when I am driving with my kids. I do not like when people like to make bad driving decisions near me so to all drivers and semi- truck drivers please drive safe an make smart choice in the new year.

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