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Ne's chicken pot pie

(My version) 1 -1 1/2 pound chicken breast 1-16ounce can cream of chicken 1-16ounce can cream of mushroom 1 10count can of biscuits Vegetable oil 1tea salt 1tea pepper 1tea seasoning salt 1tea garlic salt or powder. 1/2 onion 3 celery sticks 1/2 bag of baby carrots Preheat oven 350 Cut chicken breast in cubes. Set aside cut celery in cubes dice onion, cut baby carrot's in half Get a deep frying pan big enough to fit all ingredients and oven safe. Coat pan with oil heat on stove top   Place onion,celery and carrots in pan saute tell semi soften about 5 mins place onion mixture in a plate or bowel. Place pan back on stove place chicken in. cook for 10-20mins then add veggies back in with cream of chicken and cream of mushroom and all the seasonings mix well let simmer for 5 mins. Open biscuits place biscuit around the pan covering the gravy mixer place in oven for 10 mins. Once golden brown and bubbling enjoy. ~Now that's l

10 Things mom's with boy's say.

The top 10 things a mom with boy says is a funny but realistic list I think every mom who has a son has said one of theses things on this list. Everyone know boys can be a hand full but at the same time wonderful. 1. No running/no stomping This one is for people who live in an a apartment or you can even have a two story home. Boys love running and stomping all day long. I know my boy stomps everytime he heavy footed. 2. Cover your mouth. cover your mouth while you eat,sneeze,or cough boys always have alot to say even when there mouth is occupied. 3. Sit down quietly There is never a quiet time with boys in the house they always come up with a great idea of running and being loud. 4. Don't chew with your mouth open This goes for going out to eat and having company over. 5. Wash your hands. Always in a rush and ready to go go go never thinking to stop and wash there hands after eatting, sneezing, or using the bathroom. 6. Brush your teeth In t

Ne's homemade shake and bake recipe (my version.)

Ne's homemade shake and bake recipe (my version.)   I ngredients:       Prep time: 10mins     Cook time: 35-45mins 1/2cup Italian bread crumb 1cup flour 2tablesp Olive oil  1teasp salt 1teasp pepper 1pound of chicken (if making a bigger batch add extra flour and bread crumb) Preheat oven to 375 To start this recipe get a bowl or a zip lock bag. big enough to fit chicken of your choice. Pour 1/2cup Italian bread crumb flour salt, pepper in bag closes bag and shake well or mix. Set aside Clean chicken pat dry with paper towel if want crispy. Put chicken in flour mix and shake. Line frying pan with olive oil let heat up place chicken in pan don't over crowed cook 5 mins each side. Place chicken in oven safe pan and put in oven for 20mins Once golden brown and delicious. Take out and Let cool for 5 mins add sides of your liking enjoy. ~ Now That's Life.TheFLandF~ share, like,follow, comment

5 Things a mom will forget.

What are the top 5 things a mom will forget in a day to day or even a week by week. I chose to write a top 5 this week because I am a mother and I am always forgetting things and I'm always getting either laughed at or reminded don't for get something. so here we go lets get into my list of my own opinion of top 5 things a mom will forget. 1. Comb hair Now I'm starting number one off with combing hair why because if your a full on mom you are not to concern about your own appearance unless you are going to a school meeting or any meeting I should say. Hair combing is on your last thought when you making sure you have everything and the kids packed and ready. 2. Wash hair Wash goes with number one hair combing if you don't have time to comb your hair your really don't have time to wash it. Lol but they go together every morning as a mom you make a to do list and I am sure that my number one and two is at your number one and two spot of your list as

Thinking mom #8 (Dishonest)

This thinking mom post is really a thinkable moment. So to all the parents that has elementary school aged kids does your kids school have fundraiser where the kids have to sale wrapping paper, housewear items or pastries and deserst.  And in return the kids get prizes like toys or limo rides on how many items sold or by the amount of money they get. Well my son is in the first grade now and he was able to participate in the fundraiser this year at his school ran by the PTA  I was really excited because I remembered doing fundraiser while I was in elementray but I never got the big prize like the limo ride or the coolest toy. So I told my son I will make sure to help him achieve his goal he wanted in his fundraiser his fundraiser had two prize one was if you sale 15 items you get to go to a pizza party and the other was the regular prizes with the fundraiser and the rules were if you sell 100 dollars or more you could receive a tablet or some small little toys mind you the prize she

A Thinking mom #7

February  February is all ready here, man how these months have been flying by. February is the month of red, pink and love. oh and don't forget lots and lots of chocolate who doesn't love valentines day. How could you not when there is chocolate involved and there are always good sales going on as well.  How many parents dresses there kids up for Valentine's day especially if you have a girl. I think its so fun all the little girls with there pretty red and pink outfits on. I have boys so I cant really go all out but I do sometimes try to get him a red shirt. I know that Crazy8 has some pretty good deals for Valentine's day if you like fun clothes for kids. <a href=" ">Crazy 8</a> I mean who doesn't love to shop and when your a mom you always think of your kids first.  Valen