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Thinking mom #8 (Dishonest)

This thinking mom post is really a thinkable moment.
So to all the parents that has elementary school aged kids does your kids school have fundraiser where the kids have to sale wrapping paper, housewear items or pastries and deserst.
 And in return the kids get prizes like toys or limo rides on how many items sold or by the amount of money they get.
Well my son is in the first grade now and he was able to participate in the fundraiser this year at his school ran by the PTA  I was really excited because I remembered doing fundraiser while I was in elementray but I never got the big prize like the limo ride or the coolest toy. So I told my son I will make sure to help him achieve his goal he wanted in his fundraiser his fundraiser had two prize one was if you sale 15 items you get to go to a pizza party and the other was the regular prizes with the fundraiser and the rules were if you sell 100 dollars or more you could receive a tablet or some small little toys mind you the prize sheet was apart of the envelope that we have to return back with the money not on a separate sheet.when I noticed that I thought that's stupid kids are gona want to look at that prize sheet until they get there prizes but oh well so my son sold 16 items and spent up to 146$ we turned everything in and waited. The school announced last minute before thanksgiving break the orders are in nothing about prizes that's fine I thought it makes more since to split them in two days because it would be a lot of stuff. So me and my son get home and start looking through the stuff making sure we got all the orders back then my son says mom I got one of the prizes I said oh wow you must get some of the little prizes now because its small enough to fit in the bag he got and eraser, whistle rocket, and a comic book.
Cool right, so now months past my mom keeps asking me when is my son gona get his big prize I tell her probably soon. Well last Thursday came and I went to pick up my son I always go early and I had time to kill so I thought its February the fundraiser happen in November so I went in to the office and it was kind of busy so I waited to be helped one of the office lady's became available so I asked her when are the kids going to receive the big prizes right when I said that the Lady kind of got shocked and start Fumbling over were saying yes the kids already revcvied the stuff.
 I told her yes the orders and we received some of the little prizez. She asked well what are you talking about. I told her on the prize sheet which was on the envelope said if you make $100 or more you could receive a tablet or video game device.she says well how much did your student make I said he made $146 worth.
She says wow as she Fumbles over her words again she says I packed the bags and I put prizes in them.
 I told her yes but I thought there were bigger prizes but if not that's OK I was just wondering she then proceeded to say fumbling over her words I'm not in charge the PTA is write your students name on the paper and the stuff he is missing I start to write and I was going to let her know don't worry about it I just wanted clarification I look up and she moved to a further desk and avoided eye contact with me I wrote everything down that I needed and got my son.
When I left the office I felt so on ease and shook could the school been dishonest. And yes they could have becauae. Number one the prize sheet was printed on the envelope we had to return back to the school and two when I brought it up the Lady just lied to my face and giving off the energy of she doesn't want to talk to me about. I think a parent already to talk to her and they gave her a bad experience which I was not I was very respectful and just was Wondering then three she emails me saying I was wrong it was only the number of items sold not on amount of  money.
But every kid that got there stuff back only had bags. And I saw one kid turn in there sheet with a extra page stapled meaning they sold way more items. Im just really shocked that it happen but know I now the school is dishonest with fundraiser and I cant just say the pta because the pta is the school parent teacher association meaning they have to confirm with the school and the hole facility will know what's going on so the office lady just lied to my face. Has any one gone through this with a school. I told my son from now on we will not participate in any fundraiser due to the dishonesty so every kid got only small toys none of them received a big prize like the  tablet s or video game device they did give the pizza party but did not keep there word on the prizes.I am really hoping they are doing the right thing with the money.I just really don't like how they tricked the kids and the parents. .

~Now that's life. TheFLandF.~
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