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Baby food in A jar? is it for your baby

Is your baby food fresh? The canned baby food says it's fresh but we all know it's not. Or it say's it's organic. The only why we can tell if  are baby food is fresh is if we do it are self right. we'll with that said my baby got the ok to start solid foods I was so excited to get him eating because he is a hungry boy and milk is not enough for him. So one of  are family members gave us some canned baby food and I thought that was really nice but I already told my self I wanted to try making my own baby food and see how it goes but I didn't want to waste the baby food. I am really big on wasting food one of my pet peives. We'll since my baby already had his two weeks of oatmeal we started off with bananas because that's one of the canned foods we have and we had fresh bananas as well. So me and my spouse go to give are baby boy his first spoon full of bananas and he hates it. Which yes he is going to react because it is the first time trying it


This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Easter  When getting ready for easter I always go to the dollar tree for my little plastic eggs to feel with candy and my serving dishes for my easter dinner. <a href="">Easter At Dollar Tree - Everything Is Just $1</a> Every year for easter I always try to get my son an activity or two to do while we wait for the eggs to cool so we can die them. The dollar tree always has a lot of cute little actives that my son likes to do. Like the ceramic easter egg that you can paint my son loves to paint I usually let him do some painting and eat some candy while he watches the movie hop tha

A Thinking Mon 10

Thinking mom 10 Teething When I had my oldest and he started teething I thought we were going to have a tough time because some people always say teething is the worst for babies. Some times there teeth hurt there gums so bad they cant eat,sleep or have any relief. My oldest did fine teething I could give him his teething ring and he would naw on it for awhile and be done with it. When you have your second child they say every baby is different and goes through the learning stages and development at different times. My youngest which is 4 months is teething and I felt that he started teething at 2 months but his doctor said he might be but it goes in stages and which it did when he turned three months he wasn't rubbing his mouth or face anymore but as he hit four months it came back hard he wakes up sometimes through the night and he doesn't like his teething rings that much only likes his fingers and my fingers some times. So since my lil guy was having such a hard tim

My favorite starbucks

My favorite Starbucks. On a cold rainy or just a freezing windy day I like to treat myself with some Starbucks. When I go to Starbucks I usually only get a hot chocolate im not a big coffee drinker but every know and then I will get like a caramel macchiato because I love Carmel to but my go to is hot chocolate. Now just recently during the christmas time I just stumbled upon the starbucks salted carmel hot chocolate. Omg if your a carmel lover like me this is your cup of coco. Now I love carmel one of my favorite candies and I love chocolate. Now how come I never thought to put together carmel in hot chocolate. Well I have been treating my self to a salted Carmel hot chocolate every other day I'm so hooked on it I said to my self I'm gonna make it at home why not. Then that way I don't always have to wait in a line or get dress and have as many as I want so. I checked in my cabinet for hot chocolate and I did have some so I can check that off my list.  So the next

A thinking mom #9

This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Summer is coming and spring is here. What is the famous saying for spring time. "Out with old in with the new". Time for that good ol' spring clean. and get to your kids closets with all there clothes that they have out grew and make room for the new. Speaking of new if you are looking to go shopping for kids clothes stop by gymboree = they are having a big sales event  right now called tell all your friends and family. Its 50% off of your entire purchase and  if you place your order before the 3/21/18 it will be delivered to you by easter. What a great deal just in time for easter egg hunts and church services if you attend. Oh and did I mention its free shipping as well hurry you don't want this offer to slip away. I know I wont im glad there having this sale I like t

Spring time

This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. spring is near and here all ready. time for flowers to start blooming and bees to start pollinating and bothering you if you have on sweet I love this time of year with all the beautiful flowers. When I do buy flowers or my son picks some for me I usually get my flower vases from dollar tree because they have plastic and glass <a href=" =">Glass Cylinder Vases, 9 in.</a> and at such a great deal of just a dollar or if I wanted to not buy any flower. But still wanted to have a flower touch to my home I buy the fake flowers. To keep my house feeling bright and earthy. since spring is here its also a good time for planting and doing yard work. The dollar tree has everything for that to. from gloves, pots and planters and more. http://sharea

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The life of a wife # 3

Why, Why, Why...... Why is there a stereotype of men are babies when they become sick.... Because they are when men come down with the flu or a fever they become a baby in a since of they cant go to work they have to be catered to because on a everyday basis they are the man of the house going out working hard making the money for the home. So when they get sick it hits them hard. Because there always going, going, going and while there doing that if there not eating right or taking vitamins they get hit hard with a cold or the flu because there immune system is low and beaten down from all the work they been doing. But what I don't understand is why when some men get sick they become a grumpy baby who doesn't want to be taken care of or think they can do everything and don't need the help but at the same time whine because there body hurts there cold there hot and can you get me this and get me that. When my fiance get sick its a hole nother level of grumpy