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No Eczema No.

Did you know in 2017 31.6 million Americans are estimated to have symptoms of eczema, including 17.8 million with symptoms of atopic dermatitis In the United States alone 31.6 million people (10.1%)  have some form of eczema. In the U.S., 50% of children with severe AD develop asthma and 75% develop allergic rhinitis. Children and adolescents with eczema have higher rates of depression, anxiety and conduct disorder. People with atopic dermatitis are at increased risk of developing serious bacterial, viral and fungal skin infections. Children with atopic dermatitis are more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD. 9.6 million (13%) children under the age of 18 have atopic dermatitis. Of this total, 3.2 million children (33%) have moderate to severe atopic dermatitis. The Childhood eczema prevalence by race in the U.S. African American: 20.2% Asian or Pacific Islander: 13% White: 12.1% Hispanic: 10.7% Native American: 13% With that said I fe

Top 5 things a mom can tell at a distance

As a mother I always have a lot of things on my mine but everyday on a day to day basis my mom intuition gets stronger. When I was just a  mother of one my instincts kicked in immediately and when I mean by instincts I mean the usual. Loving, caring, nurturing all the good parts of a mother but since I have had my youngest my other instincts have kicked in 2x more. Some may even call it mama magic. lol or it can be my 7 years of experience I can tell everything from when my child is getting sick before he knows or even my fiancĂ© so this post is my take on the most common things a mom can tell at a distance with out staring at you for to long and not just on your kids but on adults to I catch my self a lot checking on adults to. That motherly nurturing part. Top 5 1. If your feeling down or upset. om can since that a mile away and automatically ask you what's wrong and try to make you feel better. If you walk in to a room trying to hide your emotion and act

We've got a mover...

~This post contains affiliate links.~ We've got a mover and what I mean by that is We've got a crawler yes I said it a crawler, wiggler, climber. My little guy is 6 month old and thinks he 10 months he has a little crawling motion down and now he thinks he can just get down and crawl or walk were ever he wants. It's so cute. I can be holding him on the couch and he will see his big bother running  around and he would literally try to scoot down my lap to follow his bother. Are house has hard wood floors all over except  one of are spare rooms has rugs so I just new I was going to get some rugs and a mat of some sort so he can get down when he's ready and if he bumps his head it won't hurt so much so the next morning me and my boys packed up to go to target to see if we can find a foam mat. We found one that has the alphabet on it and it looks  like a puzzle so that's fun to..

The Life of a wife # 4

A wife's top 5 count down to stay calm. I know your all looking at this title like. What? If you are a women and I'm not just talking about wife's I'm talking to all the women who's in a commuted relationship. We all have are top 5 to stay calm. 1) take a deep breath. Everything is happening at once and your spouse is a deer in head (parent problems.) 2) just agree. when in a heated conversation  with spouse  and spouse fills like there decision is the right  decision for you both.  But it's not a good decision and you just want the conversation  to end. You just agree. 3) cooking. (maybe just me) When things are just getting turned up side  down and miscommunication  is happening bake a cake. 4) smile and breath When in public and your spouse or kids thinks it's a good idea to do anything that's not on the agenda. 5) close your eyes count to 5 maybe 10. When trying to get everyone together including spouse to get ready

multi- tasking mama

~This post contains affiliate links.~ Multi-tasking mama. My Sunday fun days consist of cleaning the house top to bottom. Organizing the house where it's needed. doing grocery shopping if I didn't do it that following Saturday, laundry and more. For this post I am going to que you guys into this multi-tasking mama techniques and how my Sundays transition into the week. So this Saturday as I relaxed with my oldest sons on are spring break vacation I noticed some things around the house. My family loves sweets and when ever we get candy we always buy a bag of the fun size candies and when we do I always try to only put out a good amount and save the rest for later. So I have one bowl that I use that came as a chip bowl but it's good for whatever I choose as well. It's a nice fancy glass bowl but as I was doing a snack check I saw it was only a couple if grab bag chips left in the bag so I was going to put the chips in the bowl but it was all ready occupied with fru

Are you a passionate cook?

This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. I was compensated for this post. Are you a passionate cook? I ask that question because I feel that I am a very passionate cook. When I cook I always make sure I have all the right supplies like utensils, accessories, and cookware. I love cooking so much I watch the food channel and look up recipes all the time. I'm always looking for new appliances and kitchen accessories. Do you want to know a little secret about me. I am a real kitchen appliances and accessories junkie. lol if I had my way I would  have every new kitchen product  out. When I go looking through my kitchen I feel like I need a couple more appliances. Or accessories but in reality I have a good amount. Right now I'm working with oastes brand waffle maker And griddle. I have a Hamilton blender. and a

Emeril Lagasse hot dog spaghetti my style.

Emeril Lagasse hot dog spaghetti my style.  Ingredients 1/4 Cup olive oil. 1 Cup small dice onions. 2 Teaspoon minced garlic. 3/4 Teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes. 2 large, ripe beefsteak tomatoes, diced. 4 Tablespoon tomato paste. 1 Cup water.3/4 Teaspoon salt, plus extra for pasta water. I added oregano to taste  1. Score tomatoes on bottoms of tomatoes. by cutting a x at the bottom you don't have to cut deep just like a small slice. Place tomatoes in a pot of water bring to boil for 3 mins then let cool. 2. While tomatoes are boiling mince garlic chop onion and slice hot dogs in rounds. Set a side. 3.once tomatoes are cool take out of water and peal skin away cut in half take some seeds out  place in blender and blend to consistency you like.set aside 4. In a skillet place 2 table spoon of olive oil in pan then add onion let cook tell translucent take out and set a side. add hot dogs in pan and let cook. 5. While hot dogs are frying add water in

Spring break!!!!Oh ya

T his post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. I was compensated for this post. Spring break is just around the corner a perfect time to soak your body in a nice big pool, Jacuzzi  or even in the ocean. Feeling your toes in the nice hot sand.or letting your feet hit the pavement in some new shoes in a different state, city or country. With sightseeing  if you want to go on a early trip before spring break they are having a last minute sale right now tell april third NYC is running 20% off sale, while all other destinations offer up to 30% off Sightseeing Flex & Day Passes With the NYC pass you get a tour bus ride of your choice of uptown & downtown. hop on hop off tour is now good for 72 hours, instead of the 24 hours. Sadly with the new NYC pass program starting after april first  no longer include the Empire State Building. But after april first the New York Sights