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No Eczema No.

Did you know in 2017 31.6 million Americans are estimated to have symptoms of eczema, including 17.8 million with symptoms of atopic dermatitis

In the United States alone
31.6 million people (10.1%)  have some form of eczema.
In the U.S., 50% of children with severe AD develop asthma and 75% develop allergic rhinitis.
Children and adolescents with eczema have higher rates of depression, anxiety and conduct disorder.
People with atopic dermatitis are at increased risk of developing serious bacterial, viral and fungal skin infections.

Children with atopic dermatitis are more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD.

9.6 million (13%) children under the age of 18 have atopic dermatitis.

Of this total, 3.2 million children (33%) have moderate to severe atopic dermatitis.

The Childhood eczema prevalence by race in the U.S.

African American: 20.2%
Asian or Pacific Islander: 13%
White: 12.1%
Hispanic: 10.7%
Native American: 13%

With that said I feel like people never talk about eczema in kids or adult. Is it because people are on educated  on the topic or do they think eczema is just a dry skin rash that happens when it gets to hot or it's to cold out.
 So I wanted to speak on my experience  on eczema and how I started doing my further research on it. When I was little I would here my older family member talk about that they have eczema  and how they treated it or I heard friends growing up talking about they have dryed skin called eczema and they treat it with  lotions and different types of soaps. Now that's what I heard as a young person so as I got older I just thought eczema  was a dry skin rash. Now when I had my oldest he was about 11 months or 1 years old and it was in the summer we were out all day then came in he was taking a nap something told me to look at his arm and in the increase of his elbow area there was a small red  spot I panicked a little. I thought to my self oh know he got sunburned or something he didn't cry when I touched it. so the next day I took him to the doctor and the doctor says  everything is fine its just a little eczema you can use eucerin lotion to sooth it.Ok its just eczema  dry skin got it. But then my son caught a cold when he was two in a half and every time he coughed he would weeze so we took him to the doctor again and his doctor prescribed him and inhaler to help with the weezing he would get asthma symptoms when he caught a cold but fine on a day to day. So as a mom I started getting curious asthma is hereditary but you can grow out of it. But as I did research I found that eczema  and asthma go hand in hand. How come know one talks about eczema and that it can lead to asthma and so much more health problems if I new that eczema could lead to asthma and other health problems I could of took better precaution for my oldest. Yes I was a new mom back then but it would of just been helpful. Now with me having my second son I was prepared my youngest has eczema  as well but I treated it with eveno lotion with a oatmeal base and it cleared right up.With him now eating solids me and his doctor talked about feeding him foods that are high in allergic so then that way we can see if he's allergic and he can build  his tolerant since he is more prone to allergic reactions and might catch asthma due to his brother having it and it's hereditary. Now when I talk to other mom's and if we get on subject of are kids health I always let them know about eczema  and how it's not just a skin rash it's telling you that there is a reaction to baby's skin and it can to lead to asthma and adhd and other health problems and not just to take it lightly. always keep an eye on your baby and do further research for your self.

~Now that's life.TheFLandF.~

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