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Spring break!!!!Oh ya

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Spring break is just around the corner a perfect time to soak your body in a nice big pool, Jacuzzi  or even in the ocean. Feeling your toes in the nice hot sand.or letting your feet hit the pavement in some new shoes in a different state, city or country. With sightseeing  if you want to go on a early trip before spring break they are having a last minute sale right now tell april third NYC is running 20% off sale, while all other destinations offer up to 30% off Sightseeing Flex & Day Passes
With the NYC pass you get a tour bus ride of your choice of uptown & downtown. hop on hop off tour is now good for 72 hours, instead of the 24 hours. Sadly with the new NYC pass program starting after april first  no longer include the Empire State Building. But after april first the New York Sightseeing  program will included new attractions like. Top of the Rock Observation Deck and the Wildlife Conservation Society, which brings with it the Bronx Zoo, the Central Park Zoo and the New York Aquarium.
Pass holders will receive a 3-day ticket to all Met locations, including The Met, Met Breuer, and The Cloisters . This enhancement to the Sightseeing Pass program. And you will be able to vist these places at your leisure with no restrictions for 3 consecutive days.
and also all Flex Passes in all destinations are now valid for 30days (used to be 7days) from the activation date and passes can be purchased for up to 12 months in advance and are refundable with Sightseeing Pass insurance.
Since your going on a trip your gonna need some traveling  supply and new clothes and I think I might have an idea where  you can get some good deals.

Lady's if your looking for a nice dress or two. Express has a nice maxi dress that's on sale that was $98 now $58.80
Twist strap maxi dress in all colors.

Express long sleeve tie front shirt dress that was $79.40 now $47.94

Express floral high slit maxi dress in black
That was $79.80 now 47.94.
And if you don't want a dress they have stylish bottoms, tops and pants suites here goes a few.

Express high waisted fitted pencil skirt
Was $49.90 Now $29.94

Express flutter sleeve surplice jumpsuit
Was $59.90 now $35.94

Express high waisted destroyed studded girlfriend jeans
Was $88 now 52.80

Express high waisted sequin legging
Was $79.90 now 47.94

Express (Minus the) leather double peplum jacket
Was $128 now $76.80

Express express one eleven slub slim tee
Was $29.90 now $17.94

And for supplys dollar tree is having a bonus buys even starting today tell the 14th
And if your not going traveling. Perfect time to stock on house hold item and much more for such a great deal

Tooth brush

Hand sanitizer

Travel tooth brush


Just to name a few great deals start of the  spring break fun.

~Now that's life.TheFLandF.~

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