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Top 5 things a mom can tell at a distance

As a mother I always have a lot of things on my mine but everyday on a day to day basis my mom intuition gets stronger. When I was just a  mother of one my instincts kicked in immediately and when I mean by instincts I mean the usual. Loving, caring, nurturing all the good parts of a mother but since I have had my youngest my other instincts have kicked in 2x more. Some may even call it mama magic. lol or it can be my 7 years of experience I can tell everything from when my child is getting sick before he knows or even my fiancĂ© so this post is my take on the most common things a mom can tell at a distance with out staring at you for to long and not just on your kids but on adults to I catch my self a lot checking on adults to. That motherly nurturing part.

Top 5

1. If your feeling down or can since that a mile away and automatically ask you what's wrong and try to make you feel better.

If you walk in to a room trying to hide your emotion and act like everything is ok a m

2. If your sick.

 before you can bring your self to sneeze or cough a mom will always start to nag you to wear more layers of clothes or take some vitamin c and start boosting your immune system. know matter how old you are a mom is always gonna make sure your healthy and alert.

3. when your clothes has a tiny stain.

number three is one of my biggest things. I can all ways tell when my son or fiancĂ© has a stain on there clothes. the smallest stain at that and I think its just starting to be one of my pet peeves as I get older I always want my kids looking presentable before we leave the house. if  they get dirty while out that's ok.

4. when your lying

I always tell my son and my mom always told me never lie. when I was young I didn't really understand why not but now I know a mom is like a human lie detector I don't know how mom's can since people lying but they just can.

5. when your close are backwards or inside out

top 5 is one of my now magical instincts or tricks as a mom I can spot an inside out or backward shirt from a mile away on a adult or child me and my son was watching a YouTube a couple of days ago and the guy had his shirt inside out and he was doing his little skit and I said to my son he has his shirt inside out my son said know he doesn't  I said yes he does. my son rewinds it and pauses it and yup his shirts inside out. lol moms eyes.

A mother may get old but her eyes and instincts never miss a beat. what is your mothers top 5 things and if your a mother don't be shy tell me a few of yours in the comments below. 

~Now that's life.TheFLandF.~

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