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father son bond

A father son bond is a bond that is on break able, the look a father give his son when he's first born is a look of honor. And the look a son gives his father is the look of empowerment. A son looks to his father for everything. From tieing his first shoe to Tieing his first tie, from his first bike ride with training wheels on and off to the first time learning how to drive. We always talk about moms and how much power they have but know one ever talks about how much power the father has. A father has a power a mother can never truly give to a son. And that power is being a true man yes a mother can teach her son to be a respectful and  hard working man. But what I mean by a true man is when a boy has a father around or if he has the opportunity to have his father around he will see what a man is suppose to be. A young boy will be able to see a man Who takes care of responsibility with no back talk or an excuse that will show them  a man is a man of action. They will learn to dre

Kids love to have fun

Are memorials day was great. we just had some good ol fashion family time spent relaxing at home. usually when memorials day comes kids usually have a three day weekend but my son had a four day weekend. how fun right. My son love to run around and do everything loud and soon my youngest will be joining in on the fun. So since my oldest had a four day weekend I though I better get something fun for him to do so he doesn't feel bored and also not be so much in my hair. lol but the thing is my oldest loves movies and so I gave my son a chance to pick which movie he wanted to see. my son is a super hero buff and  right now avengers infinity war is out so I new he would pick it and then there's show dogs  I really wanted to go watch Incredibles 2 but unfortunately the Incredibles doesn't come out tell June 15th. lol only I would be more excited for a kid movie more then my really I am big kid at heart. so since my son had tuesday off we picked Tuesday for movie day so

13 reason why I'm intrigued

13 reason why I'm intrigued. This post is all about the tv show 13 reasons why if you have never heard or watched 13 reasons why. I am telling you now it's a must watch if you like to be sitting at the edge of your seat or feel what these characters fill you will enjoy This tv show. Now let my tell you about 13 reasons why if you never heard of it. 13 reasons is about  a high school girl that commits suicide. Now when I said it's a must watch I mean it's a must watch when I first started watching this tv series on Netflix I was watching it because of one of the main character clay which is  Dylan Christopher he played a character on goosebumps the movie and he liked a girl and I believe the girls name in the movie was Hanna  and in the tv show hanna is the mysterious gril clay is a keen to in the show .Now I thought It  was like a spinn off but know it was something much more different this tv show hits.every hard topic a young kid goes through in high school.

Memorial's day

Happy memorials day to every one. I want to thank all the veterans and all of the men and women that serve the nation. And for that I leave this poem from . Three Mathew Brady Photographs By, Eric Pankey 1. Confederate Dead behind a Stone Wall at Fredericksburg, Virginia Where the glass negative broke: A silky, liquid black, Like spilled scrivener’s ink, Pools in the print’s margin.                         : : Mouth gone slack, eyes upward,             Face glazed with blood, the man— Lifeless, slumped, and tangled             In a tarp—looks for God.                         : : Two leafless trees hold up             A scratched sky’s leaden weight. Autumn? Winter? No wind             To sway the upright trees.                         : : Such a long exposure To affix the fallen, (Staged or happened upon,) Abandoned to this ditch. 2. Wilderness, near Chancellorsville, Virginia It is a slow process:                               

Sleep...what sleep.??

I can't sleep.... What do you do when you can't sleep... Me being a mom of a new born baby threw my sleep all off. Even when I was pregnant I could not sleep at night but take the best naps. I feel with my second born I am more tired.but I guess that makes since having a 7 year old boy is a lot of work making sure he's doing the right things and then Playing all the sports with him when he wants to play or just running in general my oldest son is like a fitness constantly moving doing push ups or practicing on his own work out drills he makes up. But back to me with no sleep. I do sleep but I guess not enough or to much. I usually try to go to bed at 7:30- 8pm the latest. I can fall asleep. Know problem that first time laying in your bed after a long day is the best feeling. Closing your eyes and feeling your body sink into the pillow and bed as your body winds down from the day is the best feeling. but once I get that good sleep i still wake back up and can'

Red White and Blue is it you.

Red White and Blue is it you. Red White and Blue is it you. Are you just one day or maybe two. Is it a day Or is it you. Memorials day oh yay the day we give thanks to the men and women who serve the nation. Or is it you Mr.independence day. The day were  everyone hear' s you all through the day. Yes you scare us with your loud bombs and bangs in the day and at night but your color's shine so bright and beautiful all through the night. The two of you the world celebrates and gets together with there family and friends and again we see the red white and blue everywhere you go and we ask is it you. What is the Red White and Blue are they color' s or is it you.and what are you if your Red White and Blue. If you are Red , White and Blue you may have fallen and gotten brused or you are you a person of many things that can be what ever you want to be and love who you want to love. See what you want to see.and change what you want to chang

Quinoa and brown rice with garlic( review)

Quinoa and brown rice with garlic review This post is not paid or sponsored by any way this is my own personal opinion. I am doing a review on quinoa and brown with garlic from seeds of grain Because I got a free sample curtousy of and since they gave me a free sample I wanted to give a in depth  review on what I thought of the product. I have tryed quinoa before a couple years back wasn't really a fan of it but I don't think I liked it be cause how it was cooked the quinoa was plain and a little crunchy. So my first try was not so good so when I got this free sample I was a little hesitant but since it had garlic in it I was like maybe it will be good and I'm cooking it as well so I'll cook it to my liking. I love garlic and brown rice is pretty good to so what the hay. So when I prepared the quinoa with rice it smelled delioush cooking It I pared it with seared pork chops and vegetable. Once everything was done cooking it. It was time to eat

Sale, sale, sale

~T his post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. I was compensated for this post. .~ Memorials day weekend yea it's about paying your respect to your loved ones who served but it's also about spending time if you can with the ones who's still serving or that did serve. Memorials day also brings a lot of good sales and if you like to step out and do a little  shopping I have some places in mind. dollartree us having a red white and blue supple sale. Mlb shop is having a 25% off on all orders GYMBOREE IS HAVING FREE SHIPPING SALE CRAZY8 FREE SHIPPING

Sunshine, sunshine.....

~T his post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. I was compensated for this post. .~ Sunshine, sunshine oh how we love the sun shine. I am from the rainy, rainy northwest so you know people here loves when the sun comes out. But me my self personally I love the sun  but when we get in heat waves that last days and days it gets annoying but just like today the sun can go away and I miss it again. Why does it have to be that way. Ya I said you annoyed me but I don't want the rain back. lol can't we have sun that's not to hot or a sun with a little cloud. not completely gone. I hate when this happens because you never have the right genre of clothing per-say. like today my son wore shorts to school because the forecast does call for sun and then it will be to warm for pants. That's why when I go shopping for my son I try to get him a lot of light weight jackets for this type of weather. and right now j

When is it mom/wife time.

When is it mom's time? Or should I say wifes time? There is no time for moms or wives to have time to there self. Every day I wake up and get dress, I get my boys dress. And I get my day started. I take my oldest to school. I take the little one with me, we usually take care of all our errands. Get stuff together for the house, relax a little bit and then it's time to pick up my oldest. Once my oldest gets home. He does his homework. He gets to relax, watch some TV before dinner and then go to bed. Now when my son is watching TV. I let him watch what he wants to watch. If I tell him to turn the TV off. And get ready for bed or. Lets say its a Sunday. I tell him to get his clothes ready for the week he will literally. Try to get an attitude, saying he never gets to watch his t.v shows, he never gets to do whatever he wants to do. He never gets to play video games, anything of that nature when its time for him to do something. Mind you when my son watches tv hes doing everythi

Baby like or really like? (Plum organic review)

So as you can see in this photo my little one is chowing down on some plum organic  baby food. This js a photo my baby and I used to review this product for  free courtesy of we were so excited to try this baby food out. well I was at least since my little one can't really tell the difference on baby food or not. Well actually let me take that back my baby boy does know if he likes a good baby food or hates it. I mean if my little guy does not like it. He wont eat it he will literally smack it away or gag of the thought of a food he doesn't like. So we did a picture review on Instagram but I wanted to write a more in depth review on are experience with plum organic. So here we go. Once my baby was ready to eat I have been giving him fresh and some canned baby food and if you read my last baby food post I said I do fresh because of how my baby reacted to certain foods meaning just the taste. But when I would go grocery shopping I would see these fu

Lets talk moths

what do you know about moths. Well yes everybody know's about the pesky moth the brown wood looking butterfly that supposedly eats your clothes so you have to get those crazy disgusting smelling white balls to keep them away. So I'm writing this post to tell you about my encounter I had the other day with a insect. So after I picked up my son from school we were coming in the house are usual routine. We get in the house and go get settled in I remembered I forgot something in the car so I turned around and went back to my car and grabbed what I forgot. Now I'm walking back to my house and something told me look to the side of my door before I open it so I did and there I saw it. what is that. Now let me just say I am not a bug person at all if a fly flies past me I will totally freak out like I will slap my self if I think a bug is on me. lol I do not like bugs.and I'm not a bird person either. I just don't like things that fly I guess. they can get a