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Baby like or really like? (Plum organic review)

So as you can see in this photo my little one is chowing down on some plum organic  baby food. This js a photo my baby and I used to review this product for  free courtesy of we were so excited to try this baby food out. well I was at least since my little one can't really tell the difference on baby food or not.
Well actually let me take that back my baby boy does know if he likes a good baby food or hates it. I mean if my little guy does not like it. He wont eat it he will literally smack it away or gag of the thought of a food he doesn't like.
So we did a picture review on Instagram but I wanted to write a more in depth review on are experience with plum organic. So here we go.
Once my baby was ready to eat I have been giving him fresh and some canned baby food and if you read my last baby food post I said I do fresh because of how my baby reacted to certain foods meaning just the taste. But when I would go grocery shopping I would see these fun colored baby food bowls but never stop and look at it to see what it's all about. When Buzz agent reached out and asked to do a review on plum organic baby food I was thrilled only because I did remember seeing it In the stores and my baby is now ready to eat food. Plum organic baby food is all about having fresh ingredients and organic food they have unique blends like  Mango Quinoa (Stage 1)
Pear Prune (Stage 1)
Apple Spinach Avocado (Stage 2)
Banana Raspberry Barley (Stage 2)
Beet Apple Strawberry Chia (Stage 2)
Pumpkin Banana Papaya Cardamom (Stage 2)
Apple Blackberry Oat (Stage 2)
Mango Carrot Turmeric (Stage 2)
Pear Cauliflower Cherry Raisin (Stage 2)
Pear Sweet Potato Red Bell Pepper (Stage 2)
One of my sons favorites was the pumpkin, banana, papaya, and cardamom. I could give my baby this baby food and  he would get full off of just half of the bowl because it's so filling with other brands of baby food he could eat almost the hole jar he is a good eater so when I saw that the plum organic was filling him more I started buying him plum organic for when I don't make my own baby food.
Another good thing about this product is that the bowls are made from recyclable, non-BPA plastic (designed to leave a smaller footprint than heavy glass jars*) There stackable and have a spoon rest on the top so you can feed your baby right out of the bowl if out and about or at home. On the bowl it self has a calandar on the side of the bowl were when you open the baby food you can point the lid to the day of the week to now when you open it. It's a nice convent little bowl. I me and my little guy gives this product 5 stars and a thumbs up. If you like seeing your baby nice and fool and happy here a coupon as well.
This review is not a paid review it is my own honest opinion I hope you guys enjoyed this review

~Now that's life, TheFLandF~

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