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Kids love to have fun

Are memorials day was great. we just had some good ol fashion family time spent relaxing at home. usually when memorials day comes kids usually have a three day weekend but my son had a four day weekend. how fun right. My son love to run around and do everything loud and soon my youngest will be joining in on the fun. So since my oldest had a four day weekend I though I better get something fun for him to do so he doesn't feel bored and also not be so much in my hair. lol but the thing is my oldest loves movies and so I gave my son a chance to pick which movie he wanted to see. my son is a super hero buff and  right now avengers infinity war is out so I new he would pick it and then there's show dogs  I really wanted to go watch Incredibles 2 but unfortunately the Incredibles doesn't come out tell June 15th. lol only I would be more excited for a kid movie more then my really I am big kid at heart. so since my son had tuesday off we picked Tuesday for movie day so I asked my son which movie does he want to pick avengers or show dogs. my son pick was...… Show dogs he was so excited we got all packed up and headed to the movies once we got to the movies I asked my son one more time avenger or show dogs because they both started at the same time  and my son still wanted to see show dogs so we got two ticket for show dogs  we got there early so we had enough time to get popcorn a drink and my son got skittles. I love movie theater popcorn, I love popcorn in general so does my son and obviously my youngest does to he tried sneaking a handful a couple time during the movies. this isn't the first time taking my youngest to the movies but he wasn't eating baby food that much yet so he wasn't such a hungry boy  and always trying to grab thing out of peoples mouths and he tried the sneak popcorn trick a couple time and babbling  once the movie started but then he fell asleep. during the movie. 
Now show dogs the movie was great max the police dog was played or should I say voiced by Ludacris the rapper which I though was great to see him in another setting. now when my son said he wanted to go see it I only saw a couple of  commercials on it but he wanted to go see it because the little dog was dancing  and he thought it was so funny I didn't know the back ground of the movie. like the title says I thought the movies was about show dogs but it also had a twist to it so I'm just gonna leave it there because I don't want to be a movie spoiler for the people who hasn't seen it. when we were getting the ticket to show dogs my son saw a big display of Jurassic world that's coming out June 22nd which will be sons future movie he will be seeing. but I have been kind of on the fence of letting my son watch Jurassic park only because its kind of scary but I believe the first time I watched Jurassic park I was around his age and I loved it so I might let him watch it and see what he thinks. I'll start him off with first one and work are way up and you never no he may become a  Jurassic park fan and want every thing Jurassic park and come to find out right now gymboree is having a 30% off Jurassic world collection sale starting now ending 6/5 which I know my son is going to want any way with out seeing the movie at all. So if your kids want to have fun what do they like to do and when they do they have to have a hole wardrobe Idea or do they just like to get the things because there popular at the time.

~Now That's life. TheFLandF~

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