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Lets talk moths

what do you know about moths. Well yes everybody know's about the pesky moth the brown wood looking butterfly that supposedly eats your clothes so you have to get those crazy disgusting smelling white balls to keep them away.
So I'm writing this post to tell you about my encounter I had the other day with a insect. So after I picked up my son from school we were coming in the house are usual routine. We get in the house and go get settled in I remembered I forgot something in the car so I turned around and went back to my car and grabbed what I forgot. Now I'm walking back to my house and something told me look to the side of my door before I open it so I did and there I saw it. what is that.

Now let me just say I am not a bug person at all if a fly flies past me I will totally freak out like I will slap my self if I think a bug is on me. lol I do not like bugs.and I'm not a bird person either. I just don't like things that fly I guess. they can get any where pretty quick. If a bird is in a cage I'm fine but if we're out side and a bird dives by me I am totally freaked out. Ok that's enough about me and my phobias. Back to the topic at hand now do you see this insect in the photo the grey with red strips and dots when I first saw it I said oh my that's a beautiful  colored insect I think that's a moth. When ever I see something interesting I always let my dad know especially bugs and animals you know its a guy thing. you know animal channel and what have you. lol but I love the animal channel to. So I go get my oldest and tell him to check it out he's like what is it. kill it. lol he doesn't want it in the house I tell him know it's out side let it be will just watch it and make sure it doesn't fly in when we open the door so I took a picture of it and sent it to my dad and mom. I said check out this moth never seen one this colors. My mom says no that's a beautiful butterfly. Then that just made me Google it to see what exactly is this insect. Because I just new it was a moth by its shape.

So my research has confirmed that yes it is a moth a Cinnabar moth at that. In my research I found out that this moth is a poisonous did not know there were poisonous moths. Then as I read on when the moth is a caterpillar it is yellow and black striped like a bee warning it's Enemy and more it's dangerous. The caterpillar lives off of ragwort plant. 

which is a poisonous plant for live stock the plant can also be used to make paint
The Cinnabar moth is a day flying moth they say  it acts like a regular moth attracted to light but in the day if tired they will rest in the dune grass not this moth out and about.
This moth was mostly seen in Europe, New Zealand and aisa where ragwort plants are more prone. But in 1960 that is when Washington state introduced the Cinnabar moth to are state to make an 
effort to control the invasive poisonous plant — tansy ragwort — and all without the use of herbicides. The moth is mostly seen in may- August because that is when the Cinnabar moth is an adult.Now when I saw the word poison it made me go into deeper research is the Cinnabar moth poisonous to humans. Me having to little ones I needed to know to take the right precautions. So in my research  I only found one short little spill saying if a human touched the Cinnabar moth as a caterpillar you can rash and swell and that's it. So if any of my reader or new reader know there stuff on the Cinnabar moth let me know in the comments if the Cinnabar moth is poisonous when it's an adult moth. And to all of my readers that didn't know about this moth here is a little information I found out through my research and if I find out anything new I will keep you guys update. When ever I see or learn something new I always think of my readers thank you for reading.

~Now that's life. TheFLandF ~

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