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Sleep...what sleep.??

I can't sleep....

What do you do when you can't sleep...
Me being a mom of a new born baby threw my sleep all off. Even when I was pregnant I could not sleep at night but take the best naps. I feel with my second born I am more tired.but I guess that makes since having a 7 year old boy is a lot of work making sure he's doing the right things and then Playing all the sports with him when he wants to play or just running in general my oldest son is like a fitness constantly moving doing push ups or practicing on his own work out drills he makes up. But back to me with no sleep. I do sleep but I guess not enough or to much. I usually try to go to bed at 7:30- 8pm the latest. I can fall asleep. Know problem that first time laying in your bed after a long day is the best feeling. Closing your eyes and feeling your body sink into the pillow and bed as your body winds down from the day is the best feeling. but once I get that good sleep i still wake back up and can't get back to sleep. Maybe it's because my youngest is getting older so he's starting to sleep through the night so maybe I'm use to the baby waking up through out the night or it's just the mom restless sleep or maybe I got a lot on my mind or hungry  I don't know. Lol. When I do wake up I usually watch some tv or get on my phone look through my social media accounts or I even close my eyes turn off the tv and try to count sheep, I even count backwards from 100 tell my eyes get heavy but tonight it's not working so this is how this post came about.When you are tired but can't get to sleep what helps you relax and go back to sleep.

~Now that's life.TheFLandF. ~

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