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Summer.... ready or Not

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Summer time is coming up soon. And boy are we semi ready. For the last couple of weeks we've been having some hot days and my little one has showed me that he hates the heat. When I say my little guy doesn't like the heat I really mean he does not like the heat. When the first hot day came around it was cool tell it hit the afternoon and boy did my little guy feel it first he was so upset and cranky at first I thought he was hungry or teething then I noticed his face was so mad and his little checks were red. At the time we were out running errands and I literally just started removing layers until his little face wasn't so mad. So ever since that day I always check the weather the night before and pack extra clothes for weather wise more then mess wise. lol so when I say we are in need of summer shopping. I mean it know body likes a mad baby. lol. with that said Gymboree is having free shipping over $50 dollars and they always do free returns.
what a great deal since both my boys are in the age of crazy growth spurt time. So if I get the size they have been wearing and they don't fit it I can just return it and get a bigger size.
The reason why I like Gymboree is because they are all about the kids. And they make sure there product is kid durable and also there always doing fun campaigns like right now tell may 22 they are having a  #locallegend campaign its all about families staying close to home and becoming local legends by giving back to the community or helping out were they can. Or just letting loose and having a summer they can always remember the local legends campaign is a sweepstake were you can win a legendary block party kit for your neighborhood and it includes a prize worth $3,000. How cool is that to be able to through your hole neighborhood a block party and spend time with friends and family having fun in the sun. Now that's a memorable summer. I love that they do things like giving back to the kids in need and help kids when it's needed and doing fun sweepstakes. So since Gymboree is doing this campaign I want to join in and try to see if me and my family can do something this summer to become local legends every summer we always have a great time but since this is a summer of me with two boys I think I'm gonna have to step it up a notch. Maybe will do a road trip or  have a challenge or two who can eat the most ice cream or my favorite summer food who can eat the most S'mores that is the one thing that I love the most about summer is that the sun goes down slower and it's perfect for camp fires and BBQing I love the smell of both things but a wood fire the most and just sitting next to a fire roasting marshmallows or a hot dog is just so much fun. Or who can stay up the latest or we can play doge ball water ballooning that sounds pretty awesome my older son would love he is a sports fanatic any thing that has to do with running, throwing, kicking or hitting he is all for it. I might do that and vlog it for a fun video of one of are summer encounters. Summer time is always a great time when the suns out and it forces you to stay out all night and day but it can make you feel miserable at the same time so you always have to stay hydrated  and wear light clothes. My son loves to wear shorts and tanks so I'm gonna have to stock up on some tanks and shorts.

Because if he had a choice he would wear shorts and tanks everyday rain or shine good thing Gymboree always has clothing for a good price range and are very stylish for the kids. Leaving all kids ages 0-14 feeling so cool and fresh. When a kids feels good because they picked out there own clothes it's always great to see there big smile on there face and you can see that they feel legendary just because of there its only right to add in the fun to make it even more awesome.

~Now that's life.TheFLandF~

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