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Time for a wash!!! (dark and lovely damage slayer review.)

So as you can see my hair is looking like it needs a good washing. LoL and since I got a free sample of  dark and lovely damage slayer texture bond fights 7 damage factors. 1,2,3 step  the restorer treatment, shampoo, and conditioner courtesy of I though I would do a fun helpful review for anyone looking for new shampoo brand or hair care product.

Lets get started to start off I want to let you know this shampoo set is for damage control. So lets say if you dye your hair a lot it will restore your hair or if you just have damaged hair as well.

Step One:The Restore Treatment:  attacks damage hair.
with this step you have to wet hair first then apply the product through out hair and let it set for five minutes to allow the product to do it job. When I did this step I felt it really working my hair felt nice and soft with certain other brands if  I have to do a let sit 5 minutes I never can tell or I can feel a tingling sensation with this dark and lovely treatment I just noticed the texture of my hair getting soft.

Step two: The Rescuer Shampoo: gently cleanses & Nourishes
Just like the packaging said this shampoo gently cleansed and nourished my hair all the way. as I washed lathered and repeat I felt my hair getting a break, a felling of a fresh breath of air hit my hair. I started to fell my hair getting softer as I detangled as I washed as well. and since I just got a 
  sample you see how small the packet was. I have very thick hair and this product packs a big punch you don't have to use a lot of product to make sure it gets all through your hair a little goes along way.

Step 3 The Strengthener Conditioner: quenches Dry hair & repairs.

With step three just like step one you have to apply the product and let sit for another five minutes.  as you can see my hair is pretty lathered with conditioner again I must say it packs a good punch of product in this small little sample. 

Now after you let the conditioner sit for 5 minutes rinse out and dry. what I did is rinse out all the conditioner and then I made sure all the water was out of my hair. wrapped a towel around and let air dry I don't use a lot of heat on my hair for breakage reasons as you can see in the picture after I let my hair  air dry in towel I parted and separated my hair  I added a little shea butter to my hair and detangled. As I was detangling I noticed that after using the 1, 2, 3 step dark and lovely damage slayer  my hair was very soft and way easier to detangle. More then other products. After I got all of my hair detangled then I braided my hair in two French braideds to stretch my hair for future styling and a quick hair style for the week.

Now to conclude my review I'm giving this product a thumbs up., 5 stars. since this product wasn't a strong smelling or gave me a tingling sensation for me. like some other products when it talks about damage control when you use it. it usually has like a tingling sensation or it smells really strong. it left my hair feeling light, clean soft and rejuvenated if you want to try something new with your her I would recommend you try this product and see for your self. I'm glad allowed me to try this free sample. I hope you enjoyed my review and more reviews will be coming soon.

~Now that's life. TheFLandF.~

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