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My Unbecoming

Wine and Insomnia lead me to Believe I Want Nothing More Than Your Mystery; Interesting- and frustrating   like Sherlock Versus the supernatural in spite of your- I Can't let you be  My Unbecoming. @sarahherrin

10 summer activities to do list

This to do list is not only the top10 summer activities to do but also the most must have items you need to use or have for the activity for this summer and the summers to come. In this top 10 list I always try to do all 10 but every year I some how only do 5 or 6 of the things on the list. Let me know down in the comments how many activities do you do from this list if any. I hope you guys enjoy and let's get started. **This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.  Top 10 summer activities to do this summer along with must have items 10. Vaction Every one always needs a vacation and in the summer is the best time to go especially if we're your live doesn't get warm. Or you just want somthing different Sightseeing pass Has a hop on hop off tour in new York And more fun attractions of other states a cities. 9.Swimming Swimming , swimmin

How much food can you eat?

so my little chunk is 8 months and he is eatting like the hungry caterpillar or the mouse from the book if you give a mouse a cookie. lol he is so hungry. When I was pregnant with him. I was always hungry I could literally eat everything in the house and not fill full. Did I think anything of it not really. With my oldest I could eat but I had my three foods I ate pasta, Mexican food and sweets. and I would be good to go. But my little guy was hungry in my tummy and out my tummy he is starving. Before we got the ok to feed him solids I was breast feeding him and It felt like I was feeding him every three seconds. lol it was not enough for him so I started to add formula it worked for a couple months once he turned 7 months he stop drinking breast milk and just went to formula but at 4 month he got the ok to eat solids oatmeal and I'm telling you he would eat all his food and drink all his milk. Now 8 months is here and I feed him breakfast, snack, lunch, snack dinne

I see my self in you

As a parent we want are kids to be better then us. Make better choices in life but at the same time we see are self in them. Everyday I see my self in my sons. more in the oldest then the youngest because the little one is just trying to figure it out. But my oldest he thinks he's got it all down to the T..why you ask because he's my son  He has my attitude and my know it all ways along with his father attitude and blow it off deminer to. So it's double the trouble.  When my son is in one of his bad moods or hasn't ain't his lunch oh man just be prepared to know he's really a good kid and don't think he means everything he says. Lol my son can put on a tantrum and I'm not talking about your usual kid tantrum were it's yelling and whinning. its full blown woke up on the wrong side of bed he will try to give you the cold shoulder tell you your the worst when nothing hasn't happen in the day to be so angry. lol when he gets moody and cranky I

Half way mark

If your not subscribed to my blog or you don't follow me on twitter, Pinterest or Instagram. I started a 60 day challenge for my self to blog a day and post a short video on instaragm every day for 60 days.   I started this challenge on May 21, 2018 The reason why I started this challenge for myself is so I can push my self to do more. I originally started my blog for book reviews and away to promote books that I was selling while being an independent consultant with usborne books and more but as I used this platform to help promote books I saw that my viewers didn't really want to here a promotion every time and you guys were more intrested in my a thinking mom post or the life of a wife. You guy just wanted more content on you know, my family lifestyle and experience. So I put the usborne books aside and started to get more serious with just blogging. and let me just say I have been doing pretty good with coming up with content that you guys enjoy to read. So I said

What is your dream career?

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.  My dream career is fashion design.  At a young I would love going shopping for clothes and making sure I had the right outfit and had the best matching shoes. I loved to play with all the different colors of clothes to see what goes best together. I have always had a thing for bright colors it's so fun. When I wasn't dressing my self up I would dress my dolls up or color a nice outfit on a person in my coloring I got older in high school my school gave the juniors and seniors an opportunity to go to a occupational skill center during the morning, I thought that was so cool I Remembered my sister going to the school when she went so I thought to myself if they have that opportunity when it's my turn I might go. Well my junior year came and the opportunity was still available me and my friend looked over the classes and she saw fashion design she sa

Thinking mom #11 (Confession)

My confession as a mother of two. You are always asked the question by your kids or other people do you have a favorite. Between the two of my kids. Now let me just say this first my oldest is 7 years old and my youngest is only 8 months old. The two of them are so young but at the same time both of them have a very known personality. My oldest he is the more out and about thinks he knows it all. well I can say that because I am his mother and if you get to know my son personally when he let's down his wall you will see what I'm talking about. I raise my oldest to be respectful when out in public so he knows the attitudes stay' s at home but some times that attitude does come out and I have to tell him to re-asses his way of talking or what have you. lol But my youngest. he is a little cute person who has a lot of attitudes as well. now im still teaching him when out in public be nice when people say hi to say hi back. but lately if I'm talking to some one o

Poetry for breakfast

I wake up hungry Feed on little words Fill up on tasty phrases Give me your yummy thoughts I want your most delicious dreams Then I go on about my day In my real world, riding my bus Walking my sidewalk, doing my job Thinking of you and your words Poetry for Breakfast @_SarahHerrin ~Now that's life. TheFLandF~ Subscribe, follow, like, comment, share

Do you read-ish?

Do you read-ish is my non paid book review on the story book ish by Peter H. Reynolds.. I have always seen the book but never picked it up and read it. Until a couple of days ago. My oldest son was able to pick 12 free books from his school and ish was one of the books. I told him oh wow I have always seen this book, have you read it yet he said know. So with that said we proceeded to read the book and at first I was thinking to my self I wonder what this book is going to talk about.and as we read the book it was about a little boy named roman who loved to draw all the time but one day his older brother laughed at him for drawing and it discouraged him. And since his older brother laughed and said it wasn't good drawing he throw all his pictures and art supply away and gave it up until his little sister saw him throwing away his stuff and she showed him her room and it was filled with all his art and that brought joy to him, she told him that she like his vase picture bec

A Tweets a tweet!!

A tweet, A Twitter tweet that is. Twitter is such a fast pace social media platform. Twitter launched in March of 2006 and when it launched it rocketed. It was and still is a place where you can get news and latest trends Quicker then you can type your own great news. With Twitter you are aloud to send out news, sales, any information you want but it can only be up to  160 character and that's including your hashtags. What is a hashtag some of you may not no a hashtag is the pound symbol on your phone plus what you want everyone to do or know about like #subscribe that's a hashtag.  So since you can only use 160 characters and send it is a fast little snipet of a promotion and that's why it's called a tweet. Quick quotes, news, sales promotion and more sent in seconds and everyone can see it. You can follow people you know or follow people you don't know you can retweet someone else's quote or news as well. You can also make your Twitter page a business

Are you a champion on IG?

I ask are you a champion on IG. I mean Instagram a social media netwrok that is a mobile app that launched in October 2010. Just to see how many people have jumped into the pool of video/image posting. I'm gonna tell you a secret right now..I have never used Instagram until I started this blog at first I was a real beginner I just would post quote really but the more I started blogging the more I new I was going to get really into this instagraming thing to get my blog some more views. At first when I started playing around with my Instagram account I was real nervous because it was my first time I didn't know where to start so first thing first I got formillar with Instagram icons so you have your main little newsfeed like Facebook but at the top of that newsfeed on the left is a little black camera and when you click on that you get your camera screen but you have little icon options at the bottom of the screen like. Type somthing like a meme or phrase with a blank screen

What is the book?

What is the book.? Facebook that is, how many people have heard other names for Facebook, like the book, fb, well that's all I have heard. Lol but Facebook is the number one social media of all time right now. Yea there was MySpace but Facebook was founded in 2004 and blew MySpace out of the water with all the new technology. Facebook is the main social media network that has everyone in there phones, tablets and laptops. If You Want the latest news or the newest trend where can you find it Facebook. Even business have Facebook to grow there business with Facebook you can make a personal page were you can add old friends you haven't seen in years and family members and you will be able to see how there life is going and what new things there into. You can like all there pictures, short or long quote, problems or concerns they feel they need to share with you. When I said you can like it. Facebook now has a new feature that if you hold the like button you actual can add a dif

Pin it and save it.

Are you pinning it and saving it. Do you know what these terms mean. I know a lot of you do. If your a pinster condssore or a weekend pinster. For those of you who don't know those terms. These are the terms used for the social media platform called pintrest. Pintrest is a image base network were you can find latest ideas foe birthday party, recipes, kid activites, diy projects and more. Pintrest launched in March 2010 ready to help people find quick ideas to life it's self and know it's is one of the most useded social media's out. To use Pinterest all you have to do is make an account with your email or sign in with you Facebook or Google plus. Once you have signed in you get the option to pick the categories you like from food, quotes, lifestye, home and more  then you can pick a name a start customizing your own little boards which is a small little group to put all of one idea together. So if your in to food you can make a board for each food one for just mea

fathers day

Father's day Father's day, father's day oh how I appreciate father's day I love my father so much I think he is one of the coolest dads I know I am able to talk to my dad about anything from sports, cars, clothes to even animals. My favorite memories with my dad is when I was little we use to watch the anamil channel together. Ya I'm a girl but that was awesome we would always watch the shows about loins which is my favorite animal. It wasn't Scarry to me and maybe it was because I just wanted to spend time with my dad.but my other memorie is in the summer time or on a hot day my dad would take me and my sister to go get icecream and we would get icecream cones. My dad would get us both two scoops and every time like clock work I would like my ice cream two hard and my ice cream would always fall my dad never got mad. Or stopped taking me to get icecream or stop getting a ice cream cone. As an adult now I think back on those times and really apprec

Oh, little ocean

Mint green memories Childhood play, crayon-colored walls Pony tails, chasing sirens, swimming Aquamarine depths inviting Treading water, testing limits Until she can't touch the bottom Turquoise promises glisten Liquid gold in the sun Deep-fried south for PNW wonderland Sea mist rolls over the sound Catlike, lazy wake-up in emerald city Illuminates, everything she ever wanted Oh, little ocean @_SarahHerrin 

Are you linkedin?

Linked in? Linked in to what you ask. Linked in is a form of social media. It's more gear toward business companies to people or should I say employees. It is a professional platform  where you can make an account with your picture along with your resume and a short paragraph on why a company should hire you. Linkedin was launched in 2005. And ever since they have never looked back. It is a helpful platform for business and employees to sort out the good and bad oppurtunities. With Linked in if your starting to be a let's say fashion designer and your looking for work you can upload your work on the site along with all your credentials like name address and what school you went to. If you earned a degree or not . And either wait for a business to get in contact with you who is looking for a seamstress or pattern maker which ever you listed that your looking for. Or you can seek them out as well. You also can  follow other people in your line of your work , or bui

fathers be inspired.

Since fathers day is just three days away I felt it would only be right to share a inspirational quote I found from  I feel that this quote is so real and so home hitting because everyone can have kids but not everyone can be a parent/Father. parenting is a hard thing that you can't just give up on when ever you want. you have to be determined and focused. because parenting is a life long dedication. but the end goal is to see are kids grow. “The guys who fear becoming fathers don’t understand that fathering is not something perfect men do, but something that perfects the man.  The end product of child raising is not the child but the parent.” – Frank Pittman ~Now that's life.TheFLandF~ Subscribe, follow, like, comment, Share,

What the letter R in father means

What the letter R in father mean  Finally we are at the last letter of the word father. The most important letter of them all. The Reality is that a father is the most important thing in a child's life and in a family. He is the most Respected person a child will see. He Relieves and reassure  his children from any of life's down fall's it may bring. His rightousnes is breath taking. He is the most. Resourceful person who is Resilient to making sure his family is well tooken care of His ability to work hard every day and make time for his family is astonishing But as a family we always have to make sure that he gets the Rest he needs to be Rejuvenated. A father is the most Respected,  Resleant, Ris-taking, Reliable and Remarkable man.  that a family will always appreciate and not take for granted. Happy Fathers day. ~Now that's life. TheFLandF~ #SUBSCRIBE,  #FOLLOW,  #SHARE  #LIKE #COMMENT

What is social media?

Social media. What is it. Is it a place to socialize and make friends or catch up with old one's. Or Is it a place to advertise your business socially. Why do they call it social media if it's used for everything under the sun. So basically social media is the internet but they wanted to try to group small sections of the internet  to make it easier to monitor. Or to make little business like monopoly everybody needs a home and or business per-say right. Well the reason why I'm writing this post is to try to break it down to make it easier to understand in laymen terms or in away that a little kid could understand it because kids now days can figure out technology faster then the person who built it. Or for 60yr old and up. When I say 60yrs old it is for the people who just don't have time to get to know the technology or just can't get it , or they don't want to learn it per-say because I know a lot of people 60yrs and older who know a little of it

What the Letter E in father means

What the letter E in father means A father has an Enormous  heart, a heart big Enough to forgive. And Endure anything that comes in his way. He is so Energetic that sometimes it might come off as child like. When a father sees there child hurt or sad he always shows them Empathy. A father will always Empower and Educate his children through all life obstacles He Enjoys the time with his family and is always Eager to her there experience on life. He is A Empowering man that is Empathetic, full of Encouragement, that can Endure and Embraces life with Excitement. Happy Fathers Day ~Now that's life.TheFLandF~ Subscribe, follow, like, share, comment