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Are you linkedin?

Linked in? Linked in to what you ask.
Linked in is a form of social media. It's more gear toward business companies to people or should I say employees. It is a professional platform  where you can make an account with your picture along with your resume and a short paragraph on why a company should hire you.

Linkedin was launched in 2005. And ever since they have never looked back. It is a helpful platform for business and employees to sort out the good and bad oppurtunities.
With Linked in if your starting to be a let's say fashion designer and your looking for work you can upload your work on the site along with all your credentials like name address and what school you went to. If you earned a degree or not .
And either wait for a business to get in contact with you who is looking for a seamstress or pattern maker which ever you listed that your looking for. Or you can seek them out as well. You also can  follow other people in your line of your work , or build your network of your career as well that's why I put in the categories of social media more than a job search platform.

I use linked in myself when I first had my first born I started to start up my own fashion design business were I designed upcycled purses made of jean material and other handmade accessories which I have stopped for the time being but I know I will come back around to it I'm just a women of many trades, desires and goals.
Using linkedin is a helpful tool to use because it connect you directly to the employer you want to work with. 

 you can also follow me there as well.

~Now that's life.TheFLandF~

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