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P.S.A.... Parents we need to do better

P.S.A... parents we need to do better

Public service announcement

Parents we need to do better. Are children are out here hurting there self' s and each other on are time. I say on are time because everyday on the news and social media were seeing school shooting, stabbing, fights, and suicides everyday.
Why is this happening everyone always ask. But parents, caregivers, guardians adults in general. This is a real question. Are we talking to are childeren, are we looking at are children's actions at home or school, are we asking the right questions to are children, are we being aware of changes. We use to be so scarred of a creep and or a crazy person harming are not saying it's not a problem any more because it is but I'm saying it's a bigger problem now when I'm on social media and the news on tv is saying a 7 or 9 year old has taken there own life because of bulling or a 12 - 15 year old kid is shoot up a school or did a stabbing at a school. parents, teachers, adults this is not ok these young kids are our future if they are out here hurting there self's and each other we won't have a great future. The first thing I think we need to do as a people is understand this new generation of kids understand these kids are induring things ten time more then the older generations and half of the time these kids are learning these things from bad tv shows or even sometimes an adult who feels like that is how the world should be full of anger and hurt when it's not and a person that teaches kids that is just hurting the kid and there self because instead of teaching a kid he/ she can be anything in the world and live a good life there teaching them to be stuck and not grow as a person... my biggest fear is a kid trying to hurt my son or my son think it's ok to hurt him self. I tell him everyday you make friends not enemy's don't make fun of people. if you don't like it they don't like it either, you see a kid that doesn't have a lot of friends be there friend. Everyone needs a friend nobody is better then any body we are all the same. If we as parents talk to are children and tell them be open minded and see the good in the world except the bad we might see less harm.when I say look at your kid and talk to your kid I'm not saying be a helicopter parent I'm just saying let's be alert and aware of what's going on with are children even if they say there ok always ask them more then once and make eye contact don't just take ok for an answer because deep down your kid could of had a rough day and don't want to talk about it..parents let's love are kids hard so they don't have a reason to hurt them self's or others but to love everyone just like they love you. No more kids hurting kids.
Let's do better parents let's keep are kids safe. Be aware, be alert, make eye contact and love hard.

~Now that's life. TheFLandF~



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