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What is the purpose?

~This is a real topic conversation peace that's been weighing on me heavy. Enjoy and leave a comment if you feel it's a real topic or not.~

Ok this is a real question what is the purpose for our kids in this day in times.
Parents what is our kids purpose to going to school? Now if you haven't read my last blog post called P.S.A... parents we need to do better. here it is.
It's a must read before you read this post. And if you did you may continue on.
Now I'm asking this because this is starting to become a real problem and as a mother of two and one in school and is only in the first grade he has came to me with some topics and questions his self but my real question to the parents and adults is what is the purpose of are kids going to school?. ..  is the purpose for them to go to school and get bullied, to be talk to like there worthless, is to be mis-heard or misunderstood, to feel like there alone or to feel like there is no other option but to harm there self and others. Now this is a real topic at hand because everyday it's a story on the news of kids hurting each other and taking it out on a hole school. Now I know in school from elementary to high school kids will make groups and try to play the dozens with one another why I guess it's just a culture of school I guess because when as a parent and once a child my self I.E. you send your kid off to school for the purpose for them to learn and have interactions with other kids and experiences because that is what happens when you go to school. But now when you send your kids to school are we still telling them the same things go to school to learn make friends and have an experience or are we not talking to are children and instead just throwing them into a loins den of hate and hatred. Because I'm saying it's not just the kids, teachers and staff play in to this purpose as well when a kid is being difficult does the teacher take that kid and ask them what's going on. Or do they ignore it or is there know protecal any more for kids that's having a hard time or even when a kid is telling an adult at school there is a kid that's being inapporiate all the time or hitting do they take the right precautions because the same kid that's having a hard time is the kid that ends up doing mass-killing or the kids that gets picked on all them time and everyone just sweeps it under the rug or dismisses the kids feelings or not listen to them is the one that does it to. What is the purpose for are kids?
We are getting in a time were we are losing kids every day to all kinds of violence every single day. And the news and social media shows it everyday and it gets a little air time and goes a little viral but what is it really doing is it helping or hurting I mean yes it's making people aware but we're not saying this needs to stop all I'm hearing is omg this is so sad or they had a mental illness or kind of making excuses. Mental illness is no joke if some one is suffering they need to get the help and they shouldn't feel like they have to hide it so they don't be deemed crazy. But I feel it's something deeper I feel it's us adults that's failing are kids right now. Just the other day on social media I saw a girl like I would say a young preteen maybe 16 at the oldest in the hospital because she got beaten up at school then the girls that beat her up at school came to the hospital and try to beat her up again and pull her iv out how do I know this because it was recorded who was the person recording obviously another young kid thinking this is funny and it's proving appoint. But what point were these kids trying to prove that they just assulted someone in the hospital and they can get charge for assault and go to jail. Something else I saw on the news was. To young girls thought that it would be cool to tye a fishing line across a small street. now I don't go fishing but I have seen and felt a fishing line. a fishing line can hurt you when you don't even mean to it's course and thin like a paper it doesn't look harmful but get a paper cut and not know it. It's going to hurt. Well the girls tied this fishing line across the street and a motorcyclist drove down the street and thank goodness he wasn't speeding down that street but he got his neck cut. A little bit. But what if that man was going fast down that street he would of got his head cut of because a fishing line is so thin you can barely see it. Now again what were these girls thinking I don't know  but that's like pre mettataed assault I can't say murder because know one got killed in this act. But really. What is the purpose of having are children we can not deem every child with they have a mental illness we can not just make these story's go viral we can not just sit around any more saying this is an act of bullying or kids will be kids what ever. We need to really open up this dioulog what is going on with are kids what happen, what made them feel like hurting one another or someone else in general is ok. Most of the things go on in school and teachers are either not aware or there not paying attention thinking kids are being kids but kids should not feel in anyway they should have to fight one another for what ever reason. I'm not kidding everyday I talk to my son about violence why you ask he's only in the first grade he should be still coloring and playing in the sand box right but know. Kids these days there to old. Well they feel like there old, these kids feel like they have to prove appoint they feel like everything is a fight and not a talking situation and some kids just think that's how you interact with another kid why I don't know but I tell my son everyday if a kid is being rough with another kid or you don't allow that to happen stand up for your self but at the same time pay attention to those kids that are constantly hurting other's  why because those kids aren't the ones you want to be friends with. When my son comes home we have a talk everyday on how school went and it's always a topic of a kid getting into a scuffle for know reason with another kid or kids talking about stuff they shouldn't talk about. That topic will be coming soon in my blog so keep an eye out. It's just these topics have to be brought to the for front there is something going on with are kids maybe we aren't paying that much attention to are kids because there's so much going on in the world
But the thing is our kids are our world.
Let's open up this diouloge lady's and gentlemen let's start making better decision for are children let stop pushing this to the back burner because the more kids get hurt in school and everywhere people are going to start just homeschooling are kids to keep them safe and that's gonna take away money from teacher and it's Gonna make schooling almost endangered if that's even the word for it I mean yes there's online schooling but that's going to get bumped up in price if all the teachers end up going to the online schools. We just need are kids to feel like they have a for front a place and a person They can talk to so they don't have to resort to these acts of violence.

~Now that's life.TheFLandF~

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