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What is social media?

Social media. What is it. Is it a place to socialize and make friends or catch up with old one's.
Or Is it a place to advertise your business socially. Why do they call it social media if it's used for everything under the sun. So basically social media is the internet but they wanted to try to group small sections of the internet  to make it easier to monitor. Or to make little business like monopoly everybody needs a home and or business per-say right.

Well the reason why I'm writing this post is to try to break it down to make it easier to understand in laymen terms or in away that a little kid could understand it because kids now days can figure out technology faster then the person who built it. Or for 60yr old and up. When I say 60yrs old it is for the people who just don't have time to get to know the technology or just can't get it , or they don't want to learn it per-say because I know a lot of people 60yrs and older who know a little of it. lol
So let's get into it. You have the internet which is where you can use a search engine. like google, bing, yahoo, or and so on to research things like how to cook a chicken or find the weather or look up the news. And some times the internet will take you on a wild goose chase so you might have to be specific on what your searching for. Then you have social media. Social media is a small but bigger platform were you can search for either business or people. And usually when you search for a business on a regural search engine it will tell you the basics of the business hours, location and reviews and maybe a couple of pictures. But when you search a business on social media you will get a lot more from reviews, pictures, people supporting the business to even short videos of the store owner. There is a lot of different social media like facebook, twitter, tumbler, Google plus, instagram, Pinterest and more. some are just for photos like pintrest and instagram and others are more for like short paragraph statements like Twitter but all these social media's have a specific job and I will later make a post for each social media and explain in depth what they do.
But the main theme with social media is to socialize. each platform  is a place where you can meet, follow, like and comment on other people's business or just there picture. You will literally make a online friend that you might actually talk to a lot or every now and media is a place where people will see you online everyday and actual feel like they know you personally exspecially if you are really into it and post pictures, statements and video or blog everyday.
Before it was social media there were parties and going to the mall or something of the out and about nature to interact with another person but now with social media all you have to do is log in to an account and boom you already made 10 to 20 friends just by a small paragraph or a short video.
That's how easy it is now to make a online friend but if your interacting online with people all the time are you still getting the same interaction as if you were face to face with a person. not so much but it is a good way to promote business or a good way to catch up with old friends or they can be helpful for research. In my next post I will talk about in depth what pintrest, instagram, facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in is all about I choose these social media accounts because I have account with them but at the same time I know my mom or my son always ask what are these sites and what are you suppose to do on so I am doing this for them and others who feel like there not getting it. I hope you guys enjoyed this read and there is more to come.

~Now that's life.TheFLandF~

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