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Hello fresh Meatloaf Balsamico review


I have always wanted to try hello fresh but never really looked into it or anything because my boys are picky eaters and it's already dinners pre-selected. But when I recently got my pinchme box with my free sample of Garnier whole blend shampoo I also got a free $50 gift card for my first box. I told my fiance to see what he would say usually when it's something already pre-selected where we can't really make changes to it he always says know but this time since it was free he said yes let's do it we can try it and if we don't like it don't order it anymore.
So with hello fresh you can select a meal plan from classic, family meal, or vegetarian we selected family of 4 and you get either 2 dinners a week or 3 I picked 2 because it was the Lowest number so it's all kind of different recipes. Recipes we don't usually do so I'm thinking oh know I hope we don't waste this food
I hate wasting food but here we go.
So after we order it arrived the next week.

And let me just say what I like about that it came right on time for dinner I didn't have to go to the store or let anything defrost so the two meals we got was meatloaf balsamico and one pan pork carnitas tacos.
So we open the box and it had ice pack's in the box to keep the meat cold and they were big ice pack's nicely packaged I asked my fiance and my son which recipe do they want to try first. They went with the meatloaf

Here are all the ingredients.
Meatloaf balsamico
with Sweet Potato Mash and Green Beans

Tags: Egg-free

Allergens: Wheat•Tree Nuts•Milk

Preparation Time
40 minutes

Cooking difficulty
Level 1

serving 4 people

5 teaspoon
Balsamic Vinegar

4 tablespoon

2 clove

¼ ounce

1 unit
Yellow Onion

½ cup
Panko Breadcrumbs

20 ounce
Ground Beef

4 tablespoon
Sweet Potato

12 ounce
Green Beans

1 ounce

1 ounce
Sliced Almonds

(ContainsTree Nuts)

Not included in your delivery
1 tablespoon
Olive Oil
1 tablespoon


Now each meal came with a nice size recipe card that I like because I like to collect recipes for later use so I was excited about that. There was this brown back with all the ingredients except the meat. So I just got right to work I felt like I was on the food network because I had all the right ingredients all the right utensils this recipe was very easy since it was meatloaf all the ingredients were fresh. The one thing that I really like was that the recipe called for you to graded the onion into a bowl I don't know how many of you do that but omg I think I'm always going to do it. I remember seeing the cooks on the food network doing and I always wanted to try it. But when your grading that onion your eyes are going to water when I cut an onion and chop it up I rarely water up but when you graded your onion just be prepared for the waterworks. I also liked that there were tiny ketchup all your ingredients in the bag were basically all the correct measurements for the recipe except the balsamic I still have some left.
So I did the recipe as is and what's so good about hello fresh it is really family friendly even my son was able to get in the kitchen and help me out with roasting the green beans which were delicious as well and it all to took about 25-40mins to finish. Not that bad we did not add the almonds but the end results were delicious the meatloaf were small personal meatloaf so there was four all together just right for my family size so since my little one is too small to eat a hole meat loaf he did have some sweet potato and a little meatloaf. My family loved every last bit of this recipe I mean every last bit my oldest doesn't really like meatloaf but he ate all of his and got the last one. So I can say we will be getting some more hello fresh recipes easy convenient and don't have to do the hassle of doing the grocery shopping.

So if you guys want to try it out your self
Save $40 on your first Box with my code SHANEYAG at

I hope this review was helpful. I know me just getting my own hello fresh box made me feel like a real cook. If your an inspiring mom chef like myself it's nice to get out the box every now and then.

~Now that's life.TheFLandF ~

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