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A Mother's top 5 reality check list

A Mother's top 5 reality check.  A mother is always dreaming.

What is a mother's top 5 reality check list. well let me just say,  when you are a mother you are always wanting to make sure you can take care of all of your motherly duties as for getting laundry done, cooking, cleaning and all the other beautiful things a mom keeps up with, but some time you get that reality check when you want to start doing things on your own will if you can say. As a mother myself I have ran into all of these things quite frequently being a new mother of two and all Im still trying to figure out the in's and outs of things and trying to stay a float with not getting lost in being a mother but still being myself  but then I get that reality check that I cant be just myself any more as much as I want to. We are mothers as well so lets get in to this list.

Starting at Number 5

When dishes are in the sink.

Now mom's OK, so we all know who is in charge of doing the dishes.... We are if we want it to get done at a reasonable time. like we don't like to really let the dishes pile high and have them laying all around the house instead of the kitchen sink but in all reality if we don't tell are kids or spouse hey pick up that dish or make sure you clean your dish out after you use it. Now I was a kid once and my mom use to tell me those things  everyday and I always forgot to wash out my dish or feel asleep or said Ill get to it in a minute because I was going to eat again or what have you. So know as an adult I'm saying the same things and realizing my mom was having reality checks of her own when she wanted a break from dishes she didn't get it, because she does it quicker as a mother.

4. who's food is it.

you ever have your favorite food or sweet treat and go to sit down in peace and quite to enjoy it and then all of a sudden your children reach over and grabs a piece of your food or begs and begs for a  bite like they never had food in their life or you might have even made them their own plate of the same food and they think your food is better then theirs but in reality its exactly the same. in general.

Cleaning, Cleaning Cleaning that is a mothers only job. well that is what everyone else thinks other then mothers No matter how many times you ask your kids or spouse to clean up behind their self they will not do it and in return they will whine and say I don't feel like or its not my stuff. therefore mothers it is are job to pick up other people stuff right. no wrong but how everyone else sees it that's the only way life can go on.

2.bed time.

Bedtime what bedtime? I don't know if you mom's get to go to bed at your bed time but I know I sure cant especially with me starting my own brand with blogging, YouTube videos, and taking care of my kids I am a busy mom. and sometimes time does run away from but I still try to make my schedule work around my kids schedule and still I end up being the last one to go to bed every night why because your motherly duties have to be done and make sure everyone is tucked away for the night and do some last minute up keep. and do it all over again.

1. Having your own time.

Having your own time? When was the last time I had time to myself. I couldn't even tell you when that time was. Does going to the grocery store by myself count. maybe but it proably doesn't count because as a mother if your are a real mother being by your self is a little frighting only because your so use to being with a little person and make sure their doing the right thing or not touching stuff their not suppose to do. or what have you. having time of your own is something you beg for and whine for just like are kids do when we tell them to do something and we all know what we really want is just to be a mother that people listen to.

So what is a mother's reality check list it is the list of all things a mother will want to do or not want to do but have to do it any way because she is a mother and has motherly instinct to just do what she needs to do to support and take care of her family in a timely manner. If you have a reality check list let me know if you have any different ones other then ones on my list. I could of actually made it longer but I know the list can go on and on.

~Now thats life.TheFLandF~

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