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Mystery Potion Hallowen Drink recipe

This post contains affiliate links. if items purchased I will be compensated for it.

If you are looking for a fun activity to do with your kids this Halloween or you need a new drink recipe for your Halloween party this is the recipe for you.

Its quick and easy and most of the things used in this recipe is from dollar tree so its cheap too.
So let's get started things you need for this recipe.

Dollar Tree

Glass Vase

Plastic eyeballs 12pack

Plastic rats 4pack

Sour apple Zombie finger lollipop 4pack
Grocery store your choice.

4 limes.

Sour patch kids candy
Cranberry juice 16oz
Seltzer water 2 liter

Time 20mins
First, you will need to clean all plastic pieces before placing them in your drink. Along with the limes and

Glass vase or pitcher I used a glass vase to make a better impression.

1. Cut limes in half and squeeze them in a vase all except one cut the last one into fours if your limes are really juicy and give a lot of juice you can cut two limes into fours instead of one.

2. Then add the cut limes along with about 4 eyeballs enough that can fill vase but not crowded and 3 rats about half a bag of sour patch kids.

3. add 2 parts seltzer water and 2 parts cranberry juice mix well and then pour into individual glasses add your zombie finger for each glass along with a eyeballs, rat and sour patch kids and there you have it. your very own Halloween mystery potion that your guest and family will love.
It is a little On the sour side but delicious if you want to see a video of it being made you can watch it here where me and my son made it together I hope you all enjoy.

~Now thats life.TheFLandF~

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