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what age do you have the birds and bees talk

Today is a day where we are going to get straight into it. When is a good age to have the birds and bees talk?

I ask this question only because I keep having these almost close talks with my son about the birds and bees. my son is only in the second grade and has come home asking me what is sex, and saying kids are doing subjective dances at school and he sees it and it confuses him.
now at this age you already have the regular talk about personal body's and personal space and no one is to see their personal body unless it's your parents and doctor and your doctor can only do that because your parent is around and letting them know the slang of there private parts so they could never get tricked or anything. Now the birds and bees talk is more for preteens to teenagers because you talk about sex and everything else under the sun at this point because there of age to understand mentally and physically understand there body and puberty and everything else. while being able to understand what you're saying per-say. not understand what to do with the information you gave them because we all no as adults you didn't fully understand what was going on with you as a teenager untell you got an adult and really look back on it and say oooooh. ok so now I know what my parents said or what health class was about.

So parents what do you guys think about this. an 8-year-old ask what sex is and kids this young talking about boyfriend-girlfriend and doing subjective dances I no kids are growing up a lot faster and that tv shows, movies, video games and so much more is starting to be more explicit than usual so does that mean the birds and bees talk needs to be moved up or should there be a similar birds and bees talk but for smaller kids just for them to understand and keep their curiosity at bay or should we just tell them its a later and much older conversation. Because what I do when my son asked me these question I tell him its not an 8-year-old conversation but when you get older I will talk to you about. but at the same time, I say its something grown-ups do and the hand gestures kids do.  I also just try to ignore that I didn't hear him because I just get so overwhelmed with what he's learning at school other than school work. when I was his age things didn't start getting bad until 4th and5th grade and even then that was bad I remember sitting at school hearing kids talk inappropriately and just being like wait just a minute what. so now as a parent, I am just amazed that these little tiny babies are so prone to this language and doing subjective dances. as parents what do we need to do.
 Let me know down in the comments below.

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